Urfaust – Empty Space Meditation

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Ván Records
Distributor/label URL: https://www.van-records.de/
Released: 2016
Buy Album [URL]: https://www.van-records.de/
Band Website: www.facebook.com/urfaustofficial


Band Line-Up

IX – Guitars, Vocals
VRDRBR – Drums


1. Meditatum I
2. Meditatum II
3. Meditatum III
4. Meditatum IV
5. Meditatum V
6. Meditatum VI


Urfaust is a Dutch two piece band that has been going since 2003, but had its beginnings about four years earlier. Empty Space Meditation is their twelfth release and fourth full length album. Evidently saving time on thinking up track names, Urfaust has a very distinctive sound on this release, which I find different from their earlier work. I struggle to describe it accurately. They pip themselves as black metal, but that’s not quite appropriate, as there are some very definite trad goth influences that comes to mind, albeit at the very rocky end.

As an album it definitely works well as a whole. “Meditatum 2” has some really entertaining screams with well incorporated synth sounds. “Meditatum 5” is definitely gothier, yet they all work well together. If you’re looking for technical music with tight, complex rhythms and twiddly solos, you’re going to be disappointed. What you’re looking at here is all about the mood. It’s pure dark atmosphere.

Whilst I did find this interesting to hear once or twice, it’s never going to be on my dessert island discs. There are some points where it’s actually a little dull in places, going over the same motifs again and again. It’s a bit of a shame in some ways, as this is an album with soul and passion. For anyone who’s a fan of things a little gothy or atmospheric then I would definitely recommend it for a listen, but if you’re only going to buy one album this year, then I’m afraid that this probably shouldn’t be it.

Review by Bob Davidson