Hypersonic – Existentia

Rating: 3.5
Distributor/labelRevalve Records
Released: 2016
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HYPERSONIC - Existentia album cover
HYPERSONIC – Existentia album cover
Band line-up:

Alessia Rapisarda: Vocals
Salvo Grasso: Drums & male vocals
Emanuele Gangemi: Guitars
Francesco Caruso: Bass
Dario Caruso: Keyboards


01 – The First Sound of Life (Principium)
02 – The Eyes of the Wolf
03 – As an Angel
04 – Blind Sins
05 – Living in the Light
06 – Embrace Me
07 – Love Is Pain (Heartbroken)
08 – God’s Justice
09 – Life’n Death
10 – Pilgrim’s Path
11 – Prayer in the Dark
12 – The Meaning of… (…Existence)


Italian symphonic power metallers Hypersonic have released a follow-up to their 2011 debut album Fallen Melodies. Existentia is a 12 song concept album based on the existence of man and the spiritual affairs of the afterlife. It features special guest vocals by frontwoman of Secret Sphere, Michele Luppi.

Overall Existentia is a step up from Fallen Melodies, with strong keyboard melodies throughout, bombastic sound and adventurous arrangements. Alessia Rapisarda’s dusky vocals might not have the power or captivation of the big names in the genre, but they do give Hypersonic a sound of their own.

Most of the tracks on the album gallop along at a relentless pace, while at the same time remaining catchy, as expected of any good power metal release. Even power ballad “Embrace Me” is pretty ballsy. Things get experimental towards the end with “Pilgrim’s Path” but only for a less than 3 minute interlude. Only at the finale do Hypersonic go full-on indulgent with the 10 minute prog-power song “The Meaning of… (…Existence)”.

Nothing ground breaking here, but existing fans will feel it was worth the five year wait for the follow-up. Fans of Nightwish, Kamelot and Stratovarious etc. will find time spent giving this a listen to be well spent.

Review by

Victoria Fenbane