Date: 10th December 2016
Review By: Pete Mutant


Another night at Glasgow Audio for myself. It is starting to feel like my home away from home due to the amount of times I’ve been sheltered there whilst some truly excellent bands have been plying their trade and thrilling all those that have attended. Usually it has been for a metal gig of some variety, but tonight’s mission was to check out the local Hardcore scene as a titanic billing of bands from the re-emerging UK hardcore scene had been organised as the last hardcore show ran by Ross Wilson; the leader of Cruel Minded Records who was saying his goodbyes to the Hardcore scene.

It was a night for the young bloods and we had some fairly new bands playing this evening. The first band up were playing their first ever show as the Audio was beginning to fill.

With this being billed as a hardcore night I was taken aback by Overlove [2.0/5] when they started to play. This wasn’t hardcore, there was no hint of any kind of core at all with this band. Why they thought this would be a good night to launch their band I cannot quite grasp. They were good for what they are and what they play, but they were completely mismatched for this evening’s music. They were comparable to a band that might be playing generic contemporary gash at senior prom night or at a wedding etc. They had a slight alternative sound based on slow melodies that did, at moments, combine for a more forceful sound, but Overlove are not a band for fans of fast and heavy music. As I said, I just couldn’t quite get it, nor get into it. The crowd didn’t seem to mind too much and fair enough, the band was made up of members that would be playing later in the evening, but once they ended their set I wasn’t going to call for an encore; the crowd wouldn’t either.

The next band on Rapture [2.5/5] brought our first taste of high energy music. They immediately inspired the crowd to produce the first display of movement of the night. Their brand of straight-edge, post-hardcore was direct and rapid. Their set was short, sweet and full of attitude. The young group set the precedence of the rest of the event. We would now be moving forward without looking back.

Next up were another fairly recent group called Outreach [3.0/5] and they tried to dive straight in but there was some, let’s say technical difficulties which forced them to reel the song back in and play from the start. The four piece Scottish hardcore outfit kept to the more punk infused styles of hardcore and kept the pace at a frantic level. We got more variance in terms of alternating tempos and some rolling drum patterns which would spur the band on and keep the crowd going. Outreach had a high rapport with the audience and invited several of them on stage to take over the reigns of vocal duties. They had plenty of fire power and finished strongly with “Unity” which united the crowd in their adoration.

There was a bit of a wait before we got to see Riot Conduct [3.5/5] take the stage, but they made up for the wait by their prevalence of beatdowns and heavy palm muting which changed the dynamic of the music and started us on a slide into the more heavier realms of hardcore. They kicked off with “Influx” and the harsh vocals combined with the pummelling rhythms exerted by the band. Again the crowd kept the movement going with zeal and impetus. By the fifth track one of the guitarists put down his instrument and practically cartwheeled into the crowd and the audience were eating it up. Another strong finish brought their set to an end and the night kept rolling.

The fifth band of this billing Revolve [4.0/5] were an interesting addition. They were more galvanised by the technique and heavy instrumentation of the metal variety and were one of the most fluid bands of the night. The Glaswegians brought some beasting crossover to the foray and were an absolute stand out. There was a definite shift in the atmosphere as the fury and ire of the crowd was spurred on by the more brutal edge of this band. The kicks and fists were flying in what seemed to be some pure uncoordinated madness from the crowd. Revolve were an unexpected treat and were at the right end of the scale when pitting them against the other bands of the night.

Adjust [3.5/5] kept the chunky riffs flowing as we were beaten down upon mercilessly with some clunky tremolo picking and high intensity drumming. There were of course a mass flux of beatdowns that broke up the songs of their set. Beatdown after beatdown. The crowd had parted to supply space to those willing to display how sharp their elbows were and the Steven Seagal bloopers reel kept rolling. Adjust’s frontman gave a stellar effort and seemed to thrive off the crowd’s belligerent activities before bringing the set to an end.

It appeared as if the some of the crowd needed to take a break as once Adjust had finished as the Audio had lost around half of its patrons. Control [3.0/5} were not as heavy as the previous few bands as their tone was much lighter and not as full on but they had plenty of speed and were a more purer form of hardcore. There wasn’t a need for beatdown after beatdown. The quartet from Durham brought the fury of the North Eastern Wolf Pack down on the remaining punters, with those that stayed behind keeping pace of which there was plenty coming from the band.

Pay The Price [4.0/5] were our eighth slice of hardcore this evening (7th if you discount Overlove) and just as Ross Wilson was giving up hardcore, so was this band; with tonight being their last ever show. Five years they have put into the scene and they were going to go out with a bang. Some of the crowd had repatriated for Pay The Price and for good reason as Pay The Price were worth every penny spent. They smashed and bashed with their exceedingly fast and heavy style. Songs such as ‘Chokehold’ were some of the best of the night. The double bass was welcome as it gave them more beef to back up their sound. As you would expect we got a heartfelt message from the band when they were announcing their retirement. They, like most of the other bands, commended Ross Wilson for his loyal service to the hardcore scene and they gave themselves a proper send off before putting down their instruments for the last time as an outfit.

So much energy and now emotion has been exerted on the night and with barely a breath remaining we had to set ourselves up for Mercy [4.0/5].Mercy were going to have to keep the fires burning after four hours of solid hardcore. They had some groove and at points a different edge about them. They mixed many styles into their sound. Bits of grunge here, doomy riffs there and a whole bunch of hardocre thrown in. The vocals were very mult-dimensional as well and the crowd were really buying into Mercy’s output. We even got some melody thrown in but this was pulverised by one massive beat down with the strobe light in full effect. The sets were running a bit overtime and Mercy were cut short, but before we had a chance to recover we were thrown into the penultimate band of the evening.

Revulsion [4.0/5} came on immediately after, just a quick swap of instruments, and without being afforded the time to go for a slash they were straight on and smashing it with a slow and pounding rhythm. The frontman cut a ferocious scream to announce their introduction and the band went on. Another band on the heavier side of hardcore with a strong influence of doom laden riffs that broke into faster spells of harcore fury. Again the crowd kept going although you would imagine that energy reserves would be depleting by the second after five hours of high intensity tunage. The set wasn’t too long as we still had to get the grand finale treatment from Broken Teeth who were back in Glasgow only a few months since their last visit.

Broken Teeth [4.5/5] were back playing at the Audio after a four year gap which had been filled by playing other venues such as G2 earlier this year. Now they had their first full release to tour on the back of and we would be in store for some exposure to that album’s brilliance. They opened up with “My Law” from their split with The Mongoloids and the whole place came crashing down.

Broken Teeth were merciless and full of angst as they exhibited some of their new material with ‘Leach Regress To Snake’ which cannoned into ‘Show No Mercy’. They were giving us a taste of all their releases as we got “On The Edge” from 2011’s The Seeker and “Evil Eyes” from 2012’s Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked. The band were sensationally driving on and keeping the crowd in tow. We got another track from their latest recording as the penultimate track in “Nothing Like You” which was every bit as emphatic and maybe more so than it is on record. The final serving of this long and blustery evening was the impeccable “Soul Destroyer” which rained down hard and full of potency. It had been a long night but the crowd kept with it and their adoration could be heard and felt as the night drew in to close.

Being my first straight up hardcore gig I was expecting a few surprises and that’s certainly what I got. The lineup had enough variance to stay fresh without every band combining into one drilling mesh of hardcore. It was a proper send off to one of the local legends of the scene and all forces were on form to provide a high intensity night of unabating music. The crowd were right in amongst it for the majority of the evening and could go home happy after a night of exertion both physical and emotional. The only question now is what is next for the Scottish Hardcore Scene? With one of the big dogs giving it up someone will have to take the reigns to see this riding the crest of the emerging New Wave of British Hardcore continue. There are plenty of bands and young bloods kicking about so there can only be a continuing of progression one would assume. Whatever happens, it was an exciting and exhilarating night of hardcore music at Glasgow’s illustrious Audio.

Set List:
1. My Law
2. Leach Regress into Snake
3. Show No Mercy
4. On The Edge
5. N/A
6. Evil Eyes
7. Nothing Like You
8. Soul Destroyer