Brünndl – Brünndl

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Grom Records
Distributor/label URL:
Released: 2016


Band line-up:
Stephan – Bass
Myrk – Drums
Markus – Guitars/Vocals
1. La via della Valsugana
2. Marckwisenkhalt
3. Freyjoch
4. Magaan
5. Sonno e Verena
6. Il portale del Tramonto

Hailing from Italy, Brünndl are a pagan black metal band and a name completely new to me.

Their second, self-titled album, provides all you could expect from the tag of pagan black metal. Fast paced, melodic black metal and folkish sections with clean singing and epic length songs.

The quality and musicianship on offer here is second to none, with a nice production to reflect that. Nods to Cirith Gorgor, faster Drudkh and old Satyricon are found in the black metal elements, mixed with the folk metal influences of legends such as Heidevolk. I like the fact that Brünndl stay more true to the black metal sound and not get too embroiled in the joviality often associated with pagan/folk metal.

There are some more grim and brooding moments, such as the likes of “Sonno e Verena” which starts off in a much more Burzum-ish fashion, and is a definite highlight on the album.

My only minor issue with this album is its lack of originality, however in this day and age it’s a tough thing to come by. As a fan of the style, there’s plenty to enjoy but it certainly doesn’t open any doors, and perhaps it’s not supposed to? Atmospheric at times, well played and enjoyable pagan black metal.

Songs to check out: ‘Marckwisenkhalt’ and ‘Sonno e Verena’.

Review by Steve Blackwood
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