Sibiir – Sibiir

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Fysisk Format
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Released: 2016
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Band line-up:
Vocals – Jimmy Nymoen
Guitars – Tobias Gausemel Backe
Guitars – Steffen Grønneberg
Bass – Kent Nordli
Drums – Eivind Kjølstad
1. Bekmörke
2. These Rats We Deny
3. The Spiral
4. Silence Of The Seagulls
5. Guillotines
6. Beat Them To Death
7. Apathetic
8. White Noise
9. Erase & Adapt

Coming at you like a sledgehammer in the face, Sibiir blend hardcore metal at such intensity that makes me glad to be alive. What an album, I love it on all levels! Full of energy from start to finish with a real raw sound that suites this masterpiece. From Oslo in Norway, comes ten tracks on this self titled debut album release. Everything works on this album and I really couldn’t fault it in any way. These guys are a must hear if you like your metal hard and furious.

My favourite tracks, and this was not easy to decide upon, was ‘The Spiral’ and the album opener which was a great choice by the way, ‘Bekmörke’. Like I say though, they are all great tracks in their own right. On another note, there is great musicianship throughout with an impression that it has been recorded live. The vocals also work perfectly with the energy of the album.

In fact they remind me of the underground scene in the UK during the late eighties with bands like Napalm Death fused with more modern riffs. Hints of Mastodon and even the darkness of early Opeth at times. Founded in 2014, they promise much for future releases.

In conclusion a great album, angry and full of attitude, I would highly recommend buying it. Not for the faint-hearted though, and definitely a must have for those into the Scandinavian scene, both black and hardcore metal.

Review by Nidge Sanders
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