PRAECOGNITVM set release date for IRON BONEHEAD debut

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets February 10th as the international release date for the debut demo of Praecognitvm, Inalienable Catharsis, on cassette tape. Self-released digitally last year, Inalienable Catharsis so impressed Iron Bonehead with its stout ‘n’ surging nightsky majesty that the label simply had to release it worldwide on physical tape format. Although Praecognitvm hail from the violent black/death hotbed of Chile, theirs is a sound rooted in classic black metal mysticism, emitting boundless atmosphere whilst remaining tangibly physical, albeit in a more spectral manner. And at four songs in 27 minutes, Inalienable Catharsis is structured in such a manner to weave its magick subtly and patiently, taking deeper root as the record plays on.

Indeed, between the band’s songwriting and the robust recording they receive here, Inalienable Catharsis is a true record and not merely a “demo” – and it’s only the beginning for the duo. Achieve Inalienable Catharsis with Praecognitvm at their Bandcamp HERE, where the release is streaming in its entirety. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Praecognitvm’s Inalienable Catharsis
1. Forest of Shattered Souls
2. Path to Oblivion
3. Reminiscence
4. Ashes and Blood