Svorg – In Spirit and Mist

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: None
Released: 2016
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Band line-up:12970172_10154118132615816_1908940892_o

Repktkor: Vocals.
Vali: All instruments.


Dark Ritual
Tears Of Nature
Eater Of Souls
Ceremony Of Satanas
In Spirit And Mist
Void Of Despair


Formed in 2015, Svorg are a black metal band and according to their bio, there is not much to say about them other than that their music is about nature and hatred. Their bio doesn’t even say where they’re from, but according to Facebook it’s London.

Their style is extremely raw and dark, and evokes the atmosphere and style of the kind of black metal that was around in the 1990s. Throughout the album, the vocals are very high pitched and there is a lot of reverb used on them which creates the feeling of being enshrouded in and suffocated by a thick fog.

The production is very lo-fi which adds to the atmosphere, and overall the music creates that sense of desolation black metal is known for. The band have done a good job at attempting the intended style. They say their music says it all, and no words are needed so if it sounds like your kind of thing go and check them out.

Review by Jacob Ovington