Mordskog – XIII

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Werewolf Records
Distributor/label URL:
Released: 2017

Mordskog XIII

Band Line-Up:

Prothesis – Drums
Murmur – Guitars, Bass
Lugubrem Acerbus – Vocals


1. Lautum Novedialem
2. Nascentes Morimur
3. Aequo Pulsat Pede
4. Pulvis уt Umbra Sumus
5. Mors Est Vitae Essentia
6. Ad Me Venite Mortui
7. C.A.M.
8. Mors Vincit Omnia
9. Todos Ustedes Deben Morir Esta Noche


On January 6th 2017, a very exciting collaboration is going to be brought to light… In collaboration with Hells Headbangers, Werewolf Records will be releasing XIII, the highly anticipated debut album from Mexican Black-Metallers Mordskog.

Mordskog’s distinctive sound is a contrast of traditional 90’s classical black metal with a contemporary and refreshing twist.

The album begins with “Lantum Novedialmm” – a delicate and eerie introduction, introducing haunting vocals, ethereal guitars and traditional black-metal blast beats. However, this false sense of security is short lived as we’re taken on a fast-paced journey into the depths of traditional black metal during “Nascentes Morimur” which continues throughout the duration of this devilishly, delightful debut album.

Incorporating themes of disease, catastrophe, decadence, perdition, corruption and their main none returning concept La Muerte within the reign of the vilest plagues, Mordskog have confidently created a robust and remarkable debut album.

The unfamiliar thing about this album is that despite having a familiar sound, there are no apparent musical influences. The gnarly vocals are layered perfectly over fast-paced and dynamic guitars along with blastbeats and poly-rhythmic drums.

Incorporating traditional black metal with terror and tyranny, I’m looking forward to what Mordskog have to bring to the table in their future recordings.

Review by: Pixee