Surgical Beat Bros – Black

Rating: 3/5
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Released: 2016

Surgical Beats Bros

Band Line-Up:

Fabio Recchia
Antonio Zitarelli


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Black is the fourth studio album to be released by the Electronic Duo from Rome – Surgical Beats Bros.

Released in September 2016, it’s impressive to say that in the last 3 years Surgical Beats Bros have played over 150 shows and have released 3 full length studio albums. Their sound can be described as traditional electronic, which combines regular beats and massive floor kicks which makes for pleasant listening whilst easing the body into a relaxed and rhythmic state of being.

Recchia and Zitarelli have an amazing ability to create a number of complimentary layers, which take your body through a number of physical and emotional senses and although Black is an instrumental album, each of the tracks has a distinctive sound. Incorporating, synths, samplers, sound designs and drums, Recchie and Zitarelli have created both a big sound and a loyal fan based.

Admittedly, this album takes a few listens to ‘get-into’ however if electronic music is your jam, I would highly recommend taking a listen; feeling the beats and embracing these surreal and eclectic electronic sounds.

Review by: Pixee