Magnet – Feel Your Fire

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2017
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magnet-coverBand line-up:

Riccardo Giuffrè
Jacopo Fallai
Mirko Buia
Vanni Fanfani


1. Buried Alive With Thee
2. Ouroboros
3. Light
4. Little Moon
5. Drive Me Crazy
6. Feel Your Fire
7. Satan’s Daughter
8. Magnet Caravan


Magnet play that kind of retro rock which is always up-to-date. It helps that they add several other timeless musical elements, like southern beats or blues pieces, keeping their sound both voguish and alluring.

The rhythm is also diverse, either running at brisk paces (“Buried Alive With Thee”, “Feel Your Fire”, “Satan’s Daughter”) or more carefree strides (“Ouroboros”, “Light”, “Drive Me Crazy”). And then there’s “Little Moon”, with an upbeat, catchy main riff and rock’n’roll guitar solo, but a pretty relaxed mood overall. So it’s safe to say that this one stays in-between the brisk and carefree tempos.

“Buried Alive With Thee” features some organ keys, but it’s “Drive Me Crazy” that will make you remember The Doors; but just that, a remembrance, as the Magnet track has an identity of its own.

The guitar work was very well conceived, but besides the aforementioned “Little Moon”, one must highlight the bluesy solo in “Ouroboros”, the weeping intro of “Light” and the shrill of “Satan’s Daughter”.

The record finishes with a Black Sabbath tribute – at least the title and melodic similarities between “Magnet Caravan” and the Sabbath classic “Planet Caravan” are way too obvious. It’s a neat twist from the main sound but still within the borders of psychedelic rock; the idle, dreamlike vibe carries out like a lullaby, making an outstanding finale.

Magnet was formed a little over six months ago; “Feel Your Fire” is proof that not all good things take a long time to be accomplished.

Review by Renata Lino