Svorg – In Spirit And Wind

Album rating: 3/5
Label/Distributor: Independent
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Released: 2016
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01. Dark Ritual
2. Tears Of Nature
3. Eater Of Souls
4. Ceremony Of Satanas
5. In Spirit And Mist
6. Silence
7. Void Of Despair

Band Line Up

Vali – Guitars
Repktkor – Vocals


The current British Black Metal scene is certainly on the rise, represented as it is by the high class likes of Winterfylleth and Fen; now add to that list London based fiends Svorg. “In Spirit And Mist”, their debut EP is a suitably grim statement of intent, but it lacks the overall quality and class of their more illustrious contemporaries. It is, however, not without its finer points.

The EP opens with the ghost-dragging-clanking-chains rumbling shuffle of “Dark Ritual”. A merely pefunctory exercise in BM sonic terrorism, replete with all the usual frigid dynamics and the occasional inspired riff. Very much by the numbers. It is followed by “Tears Of Nature”, which feels like an ancient, dusty mausoleum; an airless void playing host to some fairly aimless meandering.

“Eater Of Souls” initially brings to mind a slab of piss turned to ice; rank, stinking and not something you want to be in the proximity of. Then it changes. The midesction of the song breaks down into an atmospheric deluge of sheer wonder, a welcome detour from the relentless blizzard. It builds superbly to a wondrous crescendo, so that when the blizzard returns it is anticipated and welcome. Sadly, the next two following tracks are a disappointment by comparison. “Ceremony Of Satanas” is a vapid, thrash tinged whirlpool, and the title track is a warp speed blitzkrieg, full of piss and vinegar and not a lot else.

“Silence” is a marked improvement: a mid-paced epistle of dread, which crawls and rumbles menacingly before spreading devastation like a nuclear fallout. It is quite unsetling. Proceedings are closed by the evocative “Void Of Despair” which positively bristles with tumultuous melody. A fine way to end an album.

Svorg are a band with a lot of as yet unrealised potential. When they are at their best, as on “Eater Of Souls”, “Silence”, and “Void Of Despair”, they showcase Black Metal at its very best. Elsewhere, there is too much rigid aggression, which leaves little room for dynamics. Other weaker areas which the band could address are the presentation of the vocals which are laced with so much distortion that all clarity is lost, and the obviously programmed drums which are so tinny that I half thought they had given Lars Ulrich a call! Overall there is plenty to enthuse about. I look forward to Svorg’s next move.

Review by Owen Thompson
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