NECROBLOOD set release date for IRON BONEHEAD / Amor Fati debut, reveal first track

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions, in conspiracy with Amor Fati Productions, sets March 31st as the international release date for Necroblood’s highly anticipated debut album, Collapse of the Human Race.


Begun in name in 2010, Necroblood are still-fresh stalwarts of the growing French death metal scene, and the band has deep roots in their country’s black metal underground. Taken together – the gutted grind of death metal, the blasphemous aura of black metal – Collapse of the Human Race thus becomes a diseased ‘n’ disgusting fist in the face of all that is pure and pristine.

Beginning with a suitably Satanic introduction, Collapse of the Human Race soon kicks in and creates a caustic, claustrophobic whirlwind of filthy primitivism. Equally anchored by the foundations of VON and Beherit as they are by early Immolation and Convulse, Necroblood‘s slimy, oozing pulse positively overwhelms, covering the listener in sewage – both spiritual and psychic – that simply cannot be washed off. And yet, for all this gibbering insanity, the quintet harness its powers with an almost martial elan, doling out the blackgrind with patient ‘n’ judicious ease and lacing their lacerations with strategic leads and deep, dark plummets into total doom. And with a runtime of 45 minutes, the 10 tracks comprising Collapse of the Human Race all create a landscape of lecherousness and righteous corruption, perpetual peaks and valleys of uncleanliness and wrongness. Drink of Necroblood!

Vinyl LP version to be handled by Iron Bonehead, while Amor Fati will handle the CD version. In the meantime, check out the new track “Glorification Through Destruction” exclusively HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Necroblood’s Collapse of the Human Race
1. Intro
2. Through Limitless Abysses
3. Evil Against Evil
4. Sons of Genocide
5. Glorification Through Destruction
6. Essential Collaspe
7. Baptised by Devil’s Cum
8. Sadistik Hunt
9. Operation Gomorrah
10. The Omen