Karma Rassa – Talk to Innerself

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Sound Age
Distributor/label URL: soundage.org
Released: 2016
Band line up:talks_to_innerself_cover

Nagual – vocals, bass
Naar – guitars
Idegen – guitars
Albe – drums

1. Silver Faces
2. Red Corridors
3. From War to War
4. The Endless Universal Hysteria
5. Frozen Deserts
6. Look For Me Behind the Wall
7. My Sailing Vessel in Jupiter’s Storms
8. The Last Starfall
9. Talks to Innerself

Since Karma Rassa’s formation in St-Petersburg, Russia in 2013, the band have been gaining some serious momentum. In three short years the progressive rock/metal band have written and recorded two studio albums, 2014’s Music into the Void and their latest release, 2016’s Talks to Innerself.

With this album, which they themselves describe as deep and atmospheric progressive rock/metal, Karma Rassa have boldly thrust themselves out there placing themselves alongside formidable and well established bands like Katatonia and Dark Tranquility. And personally, they deserve to be if this album is anything to go by. 

The similarity’s with these aforementioned bands are certainly there but it stands out enough for that to not hinder fans enjoyment of this album. Is that a clarinet I hear?

From the album’s opening track “Silver Faces” the album builds on the song before, increasing tempo and notching up the guitars. Stand out track “Frozen Deserts” hits a peak for me with the next song, “Look for me Behind the wall” being noticeably more down tempo. Personally the first five tracks are so damn good that the latter half of the album is more than a little disappointing as it pitter’s out with title track, “Talks to Innersole”. 

I really liked the premise of this album and even the more sedate tracks in the latter half of the album are still well written and performed. Give it a go, you may be surprised. 

Review by Nathan Slack
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