Mourning Dawn – Waste

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Aesthetic Death 
Released: 2017
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Mourning Dawn Wastes cover


Laurent : vocals/guitars
Vincent : bass guitar
Fabien : guitars
Nicolas : drums

  1. The One I Never Was
  2. The One I’ll Never Be
  3. Waste (deconstruction of a human being)

Hailing from France, Mourning Dawn are a band that play immensely dark doom metal. The album is interestingly formed of two equal length tracks, which form a third track of both overlaid. When I listened to this initially it caused me much confusion as I could have sworn the same track was being repeated three times, but then I realised they were different. Then I read the bio.

The album opens with the heavy strike of an uber-doomy sound that descends onto the listener like a thick and dismal sludge. With each track coming in at 24 minutes, these are all epic and brooding compositions that provide a contrast between heavy doom and smooth but dark atmospheres. The production is good, adding that extra touch to the overall sound and letting all the different layers shine.

With three tracks of 24 minutes length each, it is a bit much to take in, and a little on the repetitive side as the first two are so similar that they can be overlaid, and the third track is a combination of the first two. Other than that, it’s worth a listen.