Streams Of Blood – Allgegenwärtig

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Folter Records
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Released: 2017
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Streams Of Blood - Allgegenwärtig

Band Line-up:

Thymos – Vocals & Guitar,
Phil “Torrorin” Hammelmann – Drums.

Track Listing:

1. Stella Nove (Collapse)
2. Corrosion
3. Detox
4. Open Your Third Eye
5. Fusion
6. Man Owes Nature Only Death (Conduct)
7. Regeneration
8. Transformation


As metal fans in the digital age, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to new releases. There’s just so much available. This presents its own pitfalls, especially when the technology to record your own music has become so affordable. There are countless numbers out there making music, and oftentimes the quality on offer will suffer. This is most apparent with black metal, as the quality of this will frequently be shoddy in an attempt to attract that trve kvlt sound. Being a modern black metal band, what’s STREAMS OF BLOOD’s take on it?

For those of the persuasion that the production quality should work in favour of making the music sound as good and clear as possible, rather than adhering to a decades-old aesthetic, then “Allgegenwärtig” will light the fire of your kvlt cave. Apparent from the very first strains of “Stella Nova (Collapse)”, the production is full and crisp, but with enough fuzz to stay trve to the roots of the genre. This is particularly trve for “Man Owes Nature Only Death (Conduct)” – a blistering, malicious piece of audible misanthropy that encapsulates the spirit of black metal delightfully.

Originality is at a premium here, with the traditional hallmarks of the genre apparent for days: blasts, tremolo riffs, throaty croaks and shrieks, arctic atmospheres – you name it; it’s there. Additionally, the blasts and tremolo does become homogenous at times but it’s easy to suspend the concentration a little and just vibe to the atmosphere. In spite of the far more pleasing sound, trve fans will appreciate that bleak tone, with “Regeneration” coming across particularly morose (despite it’s almost uplifting title and upbeat outro): chunky, ringing chords and mournful leads elevate this to the level of jewel in the album’s crown.

There’s a reserved bit of joy that can be had from finding a black metal album that has a bit of meat about its bones. A tinny, scratchy album can become tiresome quite easily to the ears, but a well-rounded one makes for a far better listen and STREAMS OF BLOOD’s third opus happily takes the latter route. It’s standard black metal and every bit as evil-sounding as you’d expect, but it does make for a pleasant listen on a cold winter night.

Review by: Lee Carter