Blanket – Our Brief Encounters

Rating: 3/5
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Released: 2017
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blanketfinal-webBand line-up:

Bobby Pook – guitar & vocals
Simon Morgan – guitar & backing vocals
Matthew Sheldon – bass
Steven Pellatt – drums


1. Acacia
2. Tethered
3. Discoveries and Beginnings
4. Starlight Filled Our Minds
5. To The Skies


The story behind the band’s name isn’t revealed in the info sheet that came with the album, but it tells us about a house fire that left frontman Bobby Pook with third degree burns in his hands and deprived of his equipment, and how his girlfriend and friends engaged on a campaign to help him out; so I dare saying that “blanket” goes as a metaphor for “shelter”, symbolizing both this story and the general feeling one gets from listening to music, because as much ethereal as this may be, the truth is that it strengths up your spirit.

These five dreamlike tracks, with soft piano pieces and dramatic dialogues or heartfelt high-pitch vocals, are able to take you on introspective journeys and restore your inner peace. But a little more originality is in order; “Our Brief Encounters” has a rich production and a focused songwriting, but bands like Sigur Rós have already done a more impressive job with this formula. Still, if you’re fan of the genre and need to refresh your playlists, give it a try.

Review by Renata Lino