Nicole Sabouné – Miman

Rating: 4.5/5
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Nicole Sabouné


1. The Body (3:46)
2. Right Track (3:19)
3. Bleeding Faster (5:12)
4. Under Stars (For The Lovers) (4:45)
5. Lifetime (5:08)
6. Rip This World (3:57)
7. We Are No Losers (3:25)
8. Withdraw (7:01)


Nicole Sabouné started in the Swedish music scene when she released her debut album Must Exist in 2014. Sabouné has produced and composed her new material and has been the center of the production around Miman.

Most people will just try to lump this in as another goth album, but it really is so much more than that; it has those touches, but it also has a deep sound of the early post punk sound that connects it to both genres perfectly. It does have a touch of Siouxsie & The Banshees and Xmal Deutschland to it, but it still maintains a freshness as well as sounding classic at the same time. The songs are performed with care and excitement, yes, excitement because you can hear the thrill that she has when playing. The emotional vocals are beautiful.

The album is something that truly needs to be experienced in one listening, not as a song here and there; the flow of the album is perfect and keeps you enthralled throughout. The musicianship is astounding, with sounds moving in and out of the mix, and making you wish that you were dancing in a dark club with strobe lights and scented smoke again. The vocals are so enticing and they get your hair to stand on end with the soaring highs and how melodic everything is. I know that I haven’t mentioned individual songs, that’s because I truly loved every one of the songs and they could all become classics.

This is an album that stands up there with the classics of the goth/post punk giants; it is a remarkable group of songs that actually gets better every time that I listen to them. If you are a fan of those genres, this is an album that will make you dance, and even though the music can be a bit dark, will still get you smiling and put you in a great mood.

Review by Rick Ecker