The White Swan – Anubis

Rating: 4/5
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The White Swan CoverBand line-up:

Mercedes Lander – drums, vocals, keyboards, guitar
Shane Jeffers – guitar
Kira Longeuay – bass


1. Illuminate
3. Blood


Apparently, Kittie-Morgan isn’t the only Lander sister who can sing – drummer Mercedes has a hell of a voice as well and puts it to good use at The White Swan’s service. She also took a different direction from her other band, as the sludge rock of The White Swan has nothing to do with the nu alternative metal of Kittie. But it’s not your everyday sludge, so the alternative part lingers.

This 3-track debut EP opens with a doom-meets-horror-movie-soundtrack tune called “Illuminate”, which clashes with Mercedes’ very feminine and seductive voice. It’s a powerful track and this contrast between the vibrancy of her voice and the gloom of the melody enhances that power.

“Jet” (The Wings cover) has a more alternative rock rhythm overlaying the sludge cranking of the guitars, and even if its texture isn’t as thick as “Illuminate”’s, it’s its lightness that makes it more original.

And the seduction I’ve told you of Mercedes’ voice, the melody of “Blood” has it too. Here it’s doom-goes-strip-clubbing and yes, it’s as interesting as it sounds.

“Anubis” offers a modern concept of sludge rock that I confess I wasn’t expecting. True, it’s just three songs and I don’t know if The White Swan will be able to keep such wide creativity in an upcoming full-length record, but I’ll leave that for when the time comes. As far as this EP goes, it’s stellar.

Review by Renata Lino