SAURON reveal rare live Baltic Fog footage from 1995

Poland’s pagan black metal veterans Sauron dig out some proper old-school footage of their The Baltic Fog era ahead of the first-time vinyl release next month. The 16 minute footage is part of a concert which took place on 10 November 1995 and is available to view via YouTube.



Watch Sauron in action in 1995

Originally recorded and released in 1995, the remastered version of The Baltic Fog will be limited to 200 copies. The LP is scheduled for a 3 March 2017 release and is available for pre-orders via the record label’s online store.

The Baltic Fog LP was remastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio (Thaw, Mentor) and will also include an exclusive double sided A2 poster with drawings by Krzysztof “Sirkis” Grzywacz (North) and Robert A. von Ritter (Outre, Witchmaster, In Twilight’s Embrace etc.). The new album cover drawing was done by Magadelena Jędrzejczak-Nalazek.

Sauron is one of the first Polish bands which introduced pagan black metal art to their local Polish scene in 1991 when they were established. Their first release was a demo in 1993, entitled Hellish Requiem. Having gone through active and inactive periods, the band has been recently resurrected. Their latest studio offering is Wara! which saw the day of light in September 2016 through Witching Hour Productions. 2016 also saw the band re-release The Baltic Fog on tape through Witches Sabbath Records and The Land of Dead Sun on vinyl through Wheelwright Productions which was originally recorded in 1997. The start of 2017 sees the band release both Wara! and The Baltic Fog on vinyl.

Sauron online: