Doyle @ The Audio, Glasgow

Date: 3rd February, 2016

Doyle wasn’t part of the Jerry Only Experience… ehm, Misfits tour back in 2015 when they touched upon the UK’s shores and stopped off in Glasgow. Nor did he make an appearance during 2013’s tour. He did of course accompany Danzig in a small three date UK tour back in 2013 but Glasgow was never graced with his presence and many a fan would have been dying to witness and experience some supreme Doyleage. Doyle was bringing his very own band for the first time to the UK and with the ‘Abominator’ cycle in full effect, the UK was going to get a near fatal dose of dark and dirty music to dance to.Abominator tour

The Audio would be the scene where it would all go down. There was a decent sized crowd gathered as I arrived near the end of the first band Blackwork’s set. Blackwork [2.5/5] were decent enough for their last two tracks. The vocalist was right in the middle of the crowd as they were ramping up for some forceful beatdowns but metalcore was a bit off key tonight and although they were fairly well received, they were not really a reasonable opening act for the night. The last track ‘Alias’ brought their set to an end and now things were about to shift a little towards a more agreeable sound.

Buzzbomb [3.5/5] where in fact a suitable act and this is when the night really kicked off. They were fast and relentless and their very English brand of Scottish melodic punk was well formed and precise. Each member was on form and took the bull by the horns when called upon for their round of vocals. They barely took a breather in between songs and they pounded on through their set with a furious energy burning by the second. The trio were well honed to their musical exploits and you could easily meet the crowd’s enthusiasm for the band. The Buzzbomb logo in the fashion of the iconic Marshall Amps insignia on their gear exhibited their dedication to their identity. It was a blistering set that set up the penultimate act of the night and as The Dead XIII approached the stage, dust was shaken off their heads as if recently disturbed from their eternal slumber, ready to bring the horror to the night.

The Dead XIII [4.0/5] were highly impressive. From the moment that ‘Frostbite’ first blew through the speakers, we all knew we were into entered into a horrific spectacle. The quintet had everything meticulously detailed out to bring their stage act to life. The music was heavy when it needed to be (which was for the majority of the set) and the band were highly engaging when applying their trade to the audience. We got some movement in the crowd, and it was hard not to; the bass that was blasted out through the speakers was nearly enough to floor a grizzly, if only there was one in the crowd. Their set was grizzly enough though. They blended the backing hardcore electro tracks with their brash riffs and drum works sensationally. The wham pedal used on some of the lead work helped stimulate a very eerie feel to their music. Their eight song set ended strongly and the main event was nearing. Questions loomed over the coming set, were we getting a lethal dose of Misfits’ tunes? A montage of ‘Abominator? The time was drawing nigh and when the lights dimmed the crowd moved forward in anticipation for the coming beast.


And what a beast Doyle [4.5/5] turned out to be. All eyes drew towards the former Misfits guitarist as he and his band of monstrous maniacs took the stage. The crowd screamed and released their anguish from the absence of this hulking menace. The band opened with ‘Abominator’, the opening track from the same titled album and it was a worthy opener. Doyle was doing his best to savage his guitar, with great bolting downward strokes of brutality being waged upon his poor instrument. The pace of the opening track gave the audience plenty of motivation to move their bodies in a twisted fashion, flesh colliding with flesh, with no one side willing to be breached. Alex Wolfman Story cut a striking presence himself and his voice seemed to have bared the brunt of the tour thus far. His voice was harsh but still had all that brute macho charm that was the narrative for the album.

Doyle Doyle

We got a decent slice of ‘Abominator’ at the start of the gig with ‘Headhunter’ moving onto ‘Learn To Bleed’. When we got to the fifth track of the night it was time for some of Misfits repertoire and we got a personal favourite of mine with ‘Where Eagles Dare’ being blasted through beautifully as if our true calling was to witness this night. That was me sold at an early stage, but there was way more to get through and the fun was just beginning. Once ‘Where Eagles Dare’ finished Alex got serious and began a suggestive slur that would be a theme for the rest of the night. “Here’s a song you can dance to” would be the calling card for the rest of the night as the set rolled on.

Doyle Doyle

We got more of ‘Abominator’ as the call to dance kept the crowd’s momentum going strong. Doyle seemed to puff his cheeks a little but this was not down to exhaustion, more like a recognition of his own effect on the adoring audience. There was a short period of respite, somewhat, when after the tenth track of the night we were treated with a drum solo as Doyle and the rest briefly left the stage. The interlude broke as the set continued. The heaviness of the material off of ‘Abominator’ kept the heads abanging. ‘Dreamingdeadgirls’ slowed things down a little but by track seventeen Alex Wolfman was on his knees in a full on emotional crash as he pushed through ‘Skulls’ then to ‘Astro Zombies’ which then with a heaving release of energy, blasted into ‘Die, Die, Die My Darling’ for the raving punters to consume.

Doyle Doyle

In total we got twenty tracks with an excellent mosaic of Doyle’s own solo project and the might of the Misfits. It was an excellent performance with not a hiccup or glitch to be reported. The long wait was over and the concert was done. It was an excellent mix of music both old and new and we certainly were treated well. It will serve as another great night at the Audio in Glasgow, one that will be forever etched on the memories of those in attendance.

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