The Straw Gods – Carnivore

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Distributor/label URL:
Released: 2016
Buy Album [URL]: https://thestrawgods.
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Band line-up:

Guitar – Daniel Soro
Vocals – Pia Dunne
Bass – Baz Rycraft
Guitar – Glenn Brady
Drums – Tommy Gray

  1. My Love is All
  2. Carnivore
  3. Iron Lung
  4. Above Her


Experimentation is something I love to see plenty of when discovering new music. Especially if it’s ‘back to roots’ and has a good nod to the old days. In this case, a new band from Dublin have taken it upon themselves to deliver some Alternative Rock laden with Blues, Jazz and even Swing elements that will make you feel like you’re in some film noir with the likes of Humphrey Bogart for company.

The Straw Gods, new to the Irish music scene, open their debut EP ‘Carnivore’ with ‘My Love is All’, a very blues fuelled number that flows nicely like a classical composition and the blend is very fine like a good wine. The guitars and drums will hook you from the word go but the vocals were not quite so memorable on this one.

Second track ‘Carnivore’ is that one you need after a long hard day and you’re feeling down and troubled where the odd bit of jazz and even country lashings would hit the spot. Reflecting the anxieties of current life in their native land really is what they’ve nailed here.

Third track ‘Iron Lung is a little faster and had me thinking of a lot of Alternative Rock pioneers like REM, but it was nowhere near the 90s sound that solidified said genre for me like the works of Concrete Blonde, etc. and the pacing is a little faster especially with the percussion and I was by now feeling the music was what stood out here. Vocalist, Pia Dunne is really trying to make you feel her projections but the mix is not quite there. It’s the musicianship that matters here.

Finally, ‘Above Her’ rounds off the EP showcasing the wide array of tunes the group can muster. The Straw Gods come across as an educated band with much talent to showcase and the song ends with one damn good guitar solo. Overall I felt this was one very innocuous piece of Alternative music but it didn’t leap out to me anywhere so let’s see where The Straw Gods go next.

Review by Demitri Levantis