Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Comatose Music
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Offal Consumer -Singing & Wet Dreaming
Big Pimp – Guitars & Riffables
The Worst Person Ever – Bassing
Lord Marco – Drumming


01. “Fuck Me or I’ll Kill Us Both”
02. Gibbeted
03. She Never Knew What Hit Her
04. Pwned!
05. “I’m so Horny…
06. …Nothing is Safe”
07. Unsafeword
08. Swine
09. Snake
10. Bitchkabob


“Respect the cock!” These are the first words of Abuse who are back on track with their new album after a long time – 16 years to be exact – which is way too long especially for the fans of the band, but the album titled “Nothing is Safe” will compensate the listeners.

So the Canadian outfit have returned and they continue to play the same raping tones at an ultimate speed as they did on “Like a Virgin” back in 2001, although the sound is better on the new effort. They recruited their new drummer – Lord Marco – from the States, whom you should know from bands like Neurogenic or Six Feet Under, which means that the drums are as tight as Abuse imagine the genitals they wrote their songs about. Definitely Lord Marco’s drum skills are the highlight of the album.

I do not know what the hell these guys have done for 16 years, but I am quite sure they played the Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto series (I guess they mostly beat up and killed random people on the city streets instead of doing the missions), and got the inspiration for the album cover.

The lyrics of the album will obviously be super offensive for some, but let’s just face the fact: it is silly to take metal lyrics to heart. The music of Abuse is not ground-breaking and it isn’t very varied but it is pretty solid and lots of fun. Songs like “She Will Never Knew What Hit Her”, “I’m So Horny…” or “Unsafeword” will be in my playlist for sure. This is some good death metal with a hint of grind.

Review by The Hun