Club AntiChrist – ‘Twisted Fairytales’ @ Electrowerkz, London

3rd March 2017
Review by Jarod Lawley
Photography by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography



Club AntiChrist is one of Europe’s largest fetish events, catering to alternative gothic and industrial tastes with a naughty twist. Tonight, in the dark and dingy Electrowerkz, the ‘Twisted Fairytales theme come to life, and hundreds upon on hundreds run round the corridors for an evening of performances, music and play.


The first thing that strikes you as you walk through the door of AntiChrist is the amount of effort that the attendees put into their outfits and costumes.

People from all walks of life come to let their wild side live, and tonight is especially exciting as we see many different interpretations of the ‘Twisted Fairytales’ theme- from mermaids to genies to a Little Red Riding Hood and her partner, the Wolf!

In the courtyard area is where the main socialising and also BBQing is done. There, make-up expert Alice Bizarre sets up her stall!

Alice Bizarre (4)

Her style combines horror and glamour, and later on she takes on the task of painting an entire body head to foot!


Appearing also tonight is Galina Rin of the futuristic gothic band Death Ingloria, before Fleisch (German for ‘meat’) take to the stage.


The band certainly looked the part on stage and their sound got most the crowd dancing to their dirty industrial tones. It is a great warm up to get the audience rowdy for Satan’s Strip Show.


The show consists of four performers. The first gives a slow tease and adds a much welcomed risqué touch by removing, what appear to be clothes pegs from her bra strap and sticking them in her legs.


The second is a little shy and gives a more traditional performance. Nevertheless, she gets the audience excited with one particular guy screaming ‘get it off!’


Next up, a transsexual performer gives an astonishingly confident performance that’s full of sass and sex appeal.


To close the show,  a male stripper enters the stage and gives a less thought out performance which ends with him parading around the stage, everything on show, except his legs which are covered by knee-high boots.


As he tears off his underwear with scissors, he flings them into the crowd and they hit me right in the face! Nice touch for my first time at Antichrist.


The audience is then offered £50 for anyone who is brave enough to come on stage and do an impromptu strip show in front of us all- but no one is.

What comes next is a rope play demonstration for couples but it is pretty boring to watch for the audience and this sees most of us move over to the bar areas or into the courtyard for more socialising.


Everyone at the club is incredibly friendly and open and it’s easy to get talking to strangers!


Walking around I stumble across the dungeon. This is certainly Club AC’s naughty side, and sees a set up of various apparatus over which willing volunteers are strapped in, tied up or placed in stocks and often spanked severely.

Spank (1)

House Mistress Beatrix the Bitch parades the room swinging her whip before willing guests come to receive their punishment. In the corner, there is some serious pain being inflicted by Master Martin with his so-called ‘violet wand electro play!’.


If you are as a couple, there is also the ‘couples room’ where you can openly have sex in front of others. Free condoms are handed to you as you enter!

Upstairs again, we are treated to a twisted interpretation of the fairytale Snow White, billed ‘Someday my prince will come’. Performing artist Syban delivers the ultimate show before the last band of the night appears.

Taking to the stage at 12.50am, The Filthy Spectacula give a weird blend of energetic gypsy punk and quirky gothic appearances.


They are another perfect fit for tonight. The front man, Mr. E, looks like he’s just walked off the set of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. The crowd have perhaps had enough of performances by now, but many still drink and dance to their catchy and upbeat numbers.


After The Filthy Spectacula, it’s time to close with Pariah Circus– extreme black comedy sex clowns whose performances take slapstick and comedic violence to another level! Then comes a quick last appearance from Galina Rin before it was time for the DJs to take over for good and keep the music going until 6am!


The sounds at AC caters to a broad alternative taste. Downstairs, the Hellfire Room features DJs from Reptile and Stripped, running through 80’s, alternative anthems and industrial metal- however I am disappointed by the lack of classic goth anpost-punknk tracks played.


On the middle floor, the most popular dance floor but by no means the biggest, plenty of people enjoy some industrial and EBM courtesy off DJs Hive (Vampire Party, Belgium), Cyberchrist and Steve Nine (Propaganda TV). Upstairs, the music is a little disappointing, however- the ‘metal dance floor’ mainly playing really shoddy remixes of Metallica and nu-metal!


The greatest thing about Club AntiChrist is the variety of entertainment on offer. There is always something to watch, people to talk to or a great variety of music to dance to.


The fetish side of the club is considered to be more accessible to beginners, but the dungeon masters are experienced professionals who offer a safe environment for people to explore in an exciting way! If fetish is not your thing, however, I still recommend Club AC just as highly.  It’s hard to find such a varied night out that packs in so much entertainment and such a broad mix of interesting people under one roof!

Check facebook event for the next one!

For full photos please click here [Please be aware they do contain full frontal nudity]