Charlton House Ghost Hunt

March 25th 2017
Hosted by Ghost Hunt Events

Tickets £45 per person. Over 18s only.
Start time: 8.30pm until 2am.

Review by Jo Blackened

The group ‘Ghost Hunt Events’ began in 2010 and hosts ghost weekends and tours all across Kent, Essex, Sussex, Dorset, Hampshire and Cambridgeshire. Tonight we were adventuring to Charlton House, London.


As Wikipedia writes:

Charlton House was built in 1607–12 and is regarded as the best-preserved ambitious Jacobean house in Greater London. The house was built to house Sir Adam Newtonand who was then Dean of Durham and tutor to Prince Henry, the son of James I, and older brother of the future Charles I. But the prince died almost as soon as the house was finished, in 1612. Newton became Receiver-General, sold his office as dean, and in 1620 became a baronet. An extra wing added by Norman Shaw in 1877 and the house and grounds were used as a hospital during World War I and were bought by the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich in 1925. The Chapel Wing was bombed during the Blitz and was subsequently rebuilt albeit with non-matching bricks such as were available in the immediate post-war period. Formerly housing a museum, the house is now a community centre, and much of the former pleasure grounds are parks, although remnants of the house gardens survive as does a short section of Ha-Ha.

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Charlton House is somewhere which I’ve always lived near to, so I was excited and slightly nervous about getting the opportunity to go inside after dark. I have often gone during the day for their tea and cake afternoons and with such beautiful grounds, it’s a great quite place to be during the summer.

We arrived at 8.20pm and was slightly miffed that part of the house was hosting someone’s 50th birthday party, which kind of spolied the creepy feel, but we were assured they would be finished by 11pm and this wouldn’t interfere with our investigation.

As the doors open, those waiting outside walked in to an impressive entrance where we took our seats. Unfortunately I found the welcome quite cold as there was no welcome greeting, or anyone in charge so we weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves, until someone got up and helped themselves to the free tea and coffee, so we all followed.

After just talking amongst ourselves for about 20 minutes, one of the leaders introduced himself and explained we were to be split into three groups; our group was first going to perform a Séance.


We were taken to a room and was asked to stand in a circle and hold hands. We did this for 20 minutes while nothing happened and the leader had very little energy and seemed to whisper ‘If there is anyone there’, to which there was no reply. We tried again in another room and although we were encouraged to talk, I don’t think the organiser realised we were all strangers and most of us had never done anything like this before, so we weren’t sure what to do and felt a bit awkward.

We asked if any energy there could move one of us and to the shock of one of the women there, her arm started to rise. She was holding onto my mother’s arm next to her, so I know my own mother wouldn’t fake this. Their arms moved in a weird and awkward way and the organiser asked my mother to think of a direction and to ask their arm go there, to which it came towards me and started to stroke my leg. The other girl felt quite embarrassed and apologised but we all found it amusing and helped bond us as a group. This went on for 20 mintues as others found their arms moving too, and then it stopped.

Afterwards we went back to the main room, had a drink and waited to see where we were going to next.

Next up was table tilting. We went into a large room, which was slightly lit from the lamp posts outside and although we all had torches we wanted to stay in the darkness. Two folded tables were placed either side of the room as we stood around them with our hands placed next to each other, nothing happened.


Again the organiser was extremely quiet and we wasn’t sure what to do, so we  decided to take over and ask ourselves if anyone was there and if they could move the table….nothing happened.

After about 10-15 minutes we gave up and just started talking to each other and making chit chat. The organiser saw this and she came over to try to help with the energy but still nothing happened. As we looked across the room, the other guys seemed to have picked something up, so we left our table to go and see, but as we did the energy left. Then we went back to main room feeling quite unimpressed.

Next up was the Ouija board; something I had tried in the past and wasn’t sure if I wanted to try again, but seeing as most people were too afraid to try, just a few of us gave it ago. This was one of my favourite moments of the night…

ouiji board

With our fingers on the glass, we started to ask questions and the glass started to move. At first it just kept going to ‘No’ and ‘Goodbye’ but on the third try it went to ‘Yes’ and as they answered questions it looked like we were talking to a 12 year old boy. There seemed to be a lot of children’s energy in the house that night, which was quite upsetting, but it wasn’t uncommon to die young just a couple of centuries ago. The session was going well, until his dad was mentioned. The energy seemed to change and on asking if he wanted to speak to us it went to ‘No’. We asked if he could spell out his name and as the glass started moving it spelt out ‘F-U-C-K-O-F-F. This all made us laugh, but we respected that request and we left the room. That certainly perked us up and made us laugh and we were in better spirits by then, excuse the pun!

We then had a session with the last host, who was in fact a spiritual medium and someone who was full of energy and I was looking forward to being in his group! He took us upstairs to the attic, to the old servant quarters and as we left we were given EMF detectors and told there were two permanent spirits living up there. First was a young boy named Jonathon and the second was a nasty spirit who refused to give out his name and was quite proud the he had in fact killed three people; one man and two women. One  of these women was apparently pregnant by him, but he killed them all regardless by strangulation.


The attic was dark and creepy, as most attics are and as I look around, on the window frame was a talking teddy bear! The bear acted as a good ghost detector as it would make a sound and light up if anyone was near.

Pretty much as soon as we were in the room all our EMF detectors went off and we were able to ask questions and it flashed to answer. It seemed I was able to talk to both spirits and the nasty spirit did in fact seem quite proud of himself that he had killed these people. We stayed up there for quite some time as we enjoyed it the most.

We were then taken back down to the main room, where everyone was buzzing and talking about their experiences, and we overheard another group talking about how their table tipping went so well they could hardly keep up with it! After a short tea break we were taken into another main room, this was where the party earlier took place, but it was quickly cleaned up and there was a strong eerie feeling to it.


We were told we were to try the human pendulum, something I had never heard of before. Basically we all held hands in one main group, with one person in the middle with the medium and we all took turns asking questions. The person in the middle would either learn forward or back to answer yes or no. After the group of 30 asked the questions I volunteered to be next. I stood in the middle of the large group and as the medium said a few words of protection, I felt my legs become part of the floor. I closed my eyes and felt I was in a trance. As each person asked a question I literally learnt forward and backwards and it happened so quickly I had to be held. I can honestly say I had no idea I was leaning at all! I found this really interesting.

Before we knew it the night was coming to an end, and this meant we had an hour to explore for ourselves. Some people took a Ouija board, some EMF meters, and we all went exploring. I decided to grab the medium and ask if he could take us to the basement, he agreed! I got really excited when the EMF reader went off but then I was told I was standing really close to the electrics, but aside from a creepy feel there wasn’t much going on, so we came back up to the attic. By this point I and two other girls decided to team up and with us we took the EMF reader and a Ouija board. As we stood in the haunted servant’s quarter my EMF went off. The girls asked the energy to move the board but nothing was happening but my meter was answering questions, then all of a sudden it stopped. I asked one last question ‘Have you had enough of everyone asking you questions?’ and the meter went off and replied a ‘yes’, so we left.

We then regrouped and when everyone was accounted for we were told we were able to leave as it was already 2am.

On a negative note we did have a bad start, with organisers who lacked energy and leadership skills and who could’ve made it more exciting by giving us a run-down of the history, despite them saying they didn’t want to know themselves, they could’ve printed something off for us to read while we waited, even if it was from Wikipedia and they could’ve got us together with the other groups and encouraged us to talk to each other so we could’ve found out what the other teams had experienced.

But everyone was professional and you can tell they are serious paranormal investigators, and it was good they kept us in small groups, which made it more fun and personal, and despite them not being able to guarantee spiritual or ghostly activity they can guarantee that everything we experienced was 100% real with nothing faked. On the whole, this was a great exciting and creepy night, one I would highly recommend and one I would love to do again!

Ghost Team

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