Glare of the Sun – Soil

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Lifeforce Records
Released: 2017
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Band Line-up:

Martin Baumann – Guitars
Franz Ebert – Drums
Gerald Huber – Guitars
Tobias Schwab – Bass
Christoph Stopper – Sounds & Vocals


1 Awoken
2 One Step Nothing
3 Extinction
4 Circle
5 The Drowning and the Hush
6 Degeneration
7 Groundwater
8 Coldfront


German/Austrian doom outfit Glare of the Sun released their album ‘Soil’ back in January, not long after signing with Lifeforce records last year.

From the beginning of the album, it’s clear that Glare of the Sun’s music combines the brooding desolation of doom metal with the ethereal qualities of shoegaze. The result is an epic yet bleak soundscape that echoes the apathy and despair that characterises doom metal.

Throughout the release, there are two continuous streams – one of broad and sweeping otherworldliness and one of chugging gloom and metallic doom. The latter is complemented by some harsh vocals on many of the tracks. On songs such as ‘degeneration’ some clean vocals make an appearance with a somewhat detached and sweeping quality, this adds yet another dimension to the music.

With fairly long track lengths the composition has a progressive feel with it’s intertwining airiness and heaviness aiding this. This is an album that waxes and wanes, with the music peaking aggressively and falling into more gentle passages throughout.

The production isn’t overly smooth, which I think works well on this album as sometimes overpolished doom in this vein can sound so polished it detracts from the style. The production here lets the music keep it’s harsher edge.

In summary, an emotive and progressive post-doom album that peaks and flows between gentle and heavy.

Review by Jacob Ovington