Kratornas – Devoured by Damnation

Rating: 3/5
Distributor label: Grathila Records
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Released: 2016
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Band line-up:
Zachariah (Guitars/Vocals/Bass)
GB Guzzarin (Drums)
1. Spit On God
2. Dead Burning Christ
3. Archangels of Destruction
4. Deluge – After Massacre
5. Blood of The Devil
6. Evil Is Reborn
7. Devoured By Damnation
8. Cadavers of Gods
9. Huios Diabolus
10. World Within Demons

Hailing originally from the Philippines, spearhead member Zachariah now resident in Canada has eventually found a drummer to make his vision for a lethal mash up of styles of metal a reality once again.  Now signed to small Indie label Grathila Records, Kratornas have the backing to put out their next album after years of languishing back in his home country.

I don’t know what the metal scene is like in the Philippines but I have to admit that his story has me intrigued. So lets give Devoured by Damnation a listen.  It’s a filthy mix, mixing up grindcore (Wormrot I would say is the closest thing) with black metal and a bit of death thrown in for good measure (Vader, Terrororizor, Deicide, and Archgoat I can hear too).

The album kicks off with a dirty twang of a bass and through most of the album, Zach’s bass riff is clearly evident and grabs your attention instantly. The new drummer makes himself heard and smashes out a fast tempo beat through the albums 10 tracks. Although all these elements aren’t bad in themselves, together they make a brutal yet muddy cacophony that seems unhinged, wild and raw. If that’s your thing then your going to love this deranged offering Kratornas. Sadly grind-core and this album Devoured by Damnation just isn’t my thing. There’s no change of tempo and that’s what I’d love to hear on this album, a slow dark sludge like Archgoat who perfectly mix up their tempo styles. I could be wrong so why not give it a listen and prove me wrong.
Review by Nathan Slack