Keitzer – Ascension

Rating: 5/5    
Distributor/label: Give Praise
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Released: 2017
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Christian Silva Chaco – Vocals
Nicolai Hinse – Guitar
Michael Dölle – Guitar
Simon Venig – Bass
Tim Terhechte – Drums


1. We Will Drown All Of You In Blood
2. Ascension
3. Peace Was Never An Option
4. Übermensch
5. Ritual
6. Vengeance
7. Salvation
8. Conquistador
9. Black Silent Tides
10. Origins of Madness
11. Enemies Of Existence
12. Wolves Among Us


Formed in 1999, Keltzer are a brutal death metal band. They have many releases before their newest one, “Ascension”.
The album is consisting of 12 songs, every single one of them brutal as it gets. They set a very high line for the genre, not only with this release but with all of their releases in general. As they alone describe it as a fast and brutal hurricane of destruction, they are telling the complete truth. From the beginning to the end it is a complete mayhem of brutality. Formed of two guitars, one rhythm, one lead, they compliment each other in every single song. Crushing solos and fast paced rhythms while the drums are hitting hard next to them.

Starting from “We Will Drown all Of You In Blood”, through “Salvation”, to “Wolves Among Us”, Keltzer are a total pleasure for your ears if you are into brutality. The vocals are always on point , giving the best of them constantly.

The album, all in all is a 5/5, it has the brutality it should, according to the genre it is classed in. It gives you the feeling that you are surrounded  in a atmosphere of metalheads even though you are alone. Definitively it deserves the grade it has and worth the money it costs.

Review by: Kire Jovanovski