Praecognitvm – Inalienable Catharsis

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
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Released: 2017
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Band Line-up: prae2

A – Guitars
M – Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Bass


1. Forest of Shattered Souls
2. Path to Oblivion
3. Reminiscence
4. Ashes and Blood


From Chile we present to you the mysterious duo Praecognitvm, with their debut album Inalienable Catharsis. The album was self-released digitally in August last year but apparently caught the attention of someone at Iron Bonehead and impressed them so much that they decided to release it physically on cassette. Let’s see what all the fuss is about shall we?

Right from the get go you can tell these guys are intent on making a very sparse but dark sound, opener “Forest of Shattered Souls” starts familiarly enough for this kind of music before the instruments really kick in. Vocals are decidedly thin and spectral, blast beats abound, nothing out of the ordinary but competently done. Nothing really grabs your attention and stands out to any degree, and by that I am not saying it is dull, just kind of samey. The song itself doesn’t change direction often or do anything to make you stand up and say wow. Still it is not bad so let’s move on.

“Path to Oblivion” opens in a similar manner to it’s predecessor but is a far more sinister number, you can almost begin to see the direction these guys are aiming at, and apart from the almost compulsory sections of blast beats is a far more weighty number. This is more like it for mine, still not anything ground-breaking but definitely getting better by the song. Continue we shall.

Track three “Reminiscence” begins, and suddenly you sense a common thread between the songs. Again a slower number for the most part, the guitar work takes on a whole new dimension and it all starts to gel. Not too bad, bordering on good and I’m glad that through time it is all starting to paint a bigger picture. I suppose now my only complaint would be that I wish I knew the lyrics, as I’m sure they might fill things in a little more, hardly earth shattering though so onto the last.

The thread continues musically, the despair shines through, probably not what I was hoping for to end the album but still a solid number. With a title like “Ashes and Blood” I was probably expecting the end of the world but instead they deliver a little more of the same, and again that same isn’t bad but I got the feeling the album was pushing towards one hell of a climax.

To sum it all up, this is good – not great, but good. Production values are kept to a raw minimum (may just be the review copy I received), and that has a lot of appeal for some. I would certainly like to hear more from Precognitvm, they definitely have all the right intentions in place, and I feel with another release or two under their belts they may be able to fully develop their vision. Still very worthy of a listen if you are so inclined.

Review by The Great Mackintosh