Vader + Immolation @ The Underworld, London

Date: 14th April 2017
Review by The Hun

I was totally ready for some death metal attack on that Friday night but at the same time I forgot that it was Friday. On Fridays there are club nights in the Underworld which means bands have to finish an hour earlier, which obviously means that they have to start earlier. With four bands on that night it meant that doors were at 5.30 instead of 7. I arrived to the venue a couple of minutes after seven, so I missed two bands out of four… It made me angry… really angry… I already hate these kind of rock/metal disco club nights anyway, but since when are they more important than live music?  Money talks, right? Anyway because of this the first band of the night for me was Immolation.


You should know that if a death metal band is good then it means they are superb musicians. Death metal musicians are like jazz musicians. Even if you don’t like death metal or metal in general you have to admit this. And Immolation are not just a good death metal band: they are amazing. As soon as the four-piece death machine from New York started to play, the crowd started to headbang.

It is impossible to resist headbanging once you’ve focused on the bald guitartist, Robert Vigna. He is totally entertaining. Not just what he plays but how he plays. He looks like a weird mixture of a composer and a warrior on a battlefield. The way he dictates the music and slashes with his guitar is mesmerizing. I was hungry for some pure death metal and Immolation fed me well. No bullshit, just raw power. The only negative thing I can say about the gig is that it was only 7.3o when they started to play and the sound wasn’t really awesome but that may be down to where I was standing.

It was only nine o’clock when the main act of the night, Vader from Poland, started to play. Vader will be one of my favourite bands for ever. Not just because of their old school, thrashy death metal (and their old school look) which I adore, but because I saw them in 2004 in a small Hungarian town and they were already known back then, yet they still went to small, unknown places to spread their dark art. And they were so good that a couple of days later I had to travel to Serbia to see them again.

They did not disappoint me this time either. I haven’t heard their latest album yet but the songs they played from it totally fit their setlist, and the contrast between their old and new material was perfect. They even played my favourite song of theirs and I had to resist going into the pit for a bit. There was something offensive and threatening in the way they stood on the stage and played their songs. I did not feel that 13 years had passed by since I first saw them. All metal bands should give this feeling to the crowd in front of them to be honest. They are a band I could watch any day. Seriously.

Both of the bands I saw that night proved that age and how long they’ve been in the business for doesn’t matter. They were still powerful and fast. Tore my flesh and broke my bones yet filled me with joy and left me with muscle strain in my neck for days.