The Electric Coast – Warming Quilt

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Soulfood Music
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Released: 2017
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1701-electric_coast-album_2017-cover_rgbBand line-up:

Adam Glosnicki – Vocals & Guitar
Thorsten vom Stein – Drums
Tobias Wittmann – Drums
Andreas Krug – Bass


1. Repression
2. Up and Down
3. Disagree
4. Fairy Tale
5. Digging Up
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Man of Steel
8. Dream Away
9. Dying Next Week
10. Pennilessness
11. Pinhead Son
12. Warming Quilt


The Electric Coast designate their musical genre as “bar rock” as they play a blend of styles that usually play at, well, bars. Funny thing is that when I’ve first heard “Repression”, even before reading their bio or the rest of the album, I did associate it with bars and pubs, given Adam Glosnicki’s whiskey-voice.

And just like when you go to a bar to relax, keep your mind off downer thoughts, that’s the upbeat spirit you’ll find when listening to “Warming Quilt”. Come to think of it, that’s probably the reason for such title – the comfort it offers the listener.

Easy-going, chipper rock, built on a sharper version of country riffs. “Fairy Tale” is probably the track where this country feeling is stronger, but the overall riffing will give you that idea. Not the solos, though. Especially on the aforementioned “Repression” or “Dying Next Week”, those guitar solos are straight-forward rock’n’roll. And then the catchy “Man Of Steel”, the marching drums on “Dream Away” or that deep bass line on “Digging Up”, those are treats that will find their way into your eardrums and stay there for a while.

“Pennilessness” is a tad somber in rhythm, but it’s “Open Your Eyes” that reads “blues” all over; the kind of not-so-happy songs that are also expected to be heard in a bar and that will enthrall you rather than sour your mood.

Hopefully all this “bar rock” talk won’t lead you to a false assumption of cheap and tacky, as “Warming Quilt” is quite a vibrant and classy record.

Review by Renata Lino