The Sarcophagus – Beyond This World’s Illusion

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Satanath Records
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Released: 2017
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thesarcophagusalbumart Band line-up:

Mørk – Vox
Burak – Guitars
Ozan – Bass
Oktay – Davul


1. Reign Of Chaos
2. Aain Sof
3. Dymadiel
4. The Profanity Rites
5. Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures
6. Triumphant Divine Terror
7. Armoured Death
8. Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom
9. Apocalyptic Beast


To be honest I’ve never heard about The Sarcophagus and I guess it’s because Turkish metal is not well known, or at least it’s not on my radar.  But after listening to their new album ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’ I am ashamed now. The band was formed in 1996 as Sarcophagus, and they played under this name until 2009 when they changed it to The Sarcophagus.

The first thing which really caught my attention was the album cover. The picture by Paolo Girardi is a piece of art. It is beautifully painted yet it is of a horrifying creature. After getting lost in this amazing art and letting my mind wander past those pillars into the morbid, I was ready to listen the to album.

For me the first song is really important: it is a test and The Sacrophagus passed it. ‘Reign Of Chaos’ is a great opener and gives you an appetite so you are hungry for the rest. The songs are fast and there is no slowing down (well there is, but only to get a bigger hit after it), blast beats and double kickdrums tear bodies apart, whilst the guitar plays unmistakable black metal riffs which steal the souls of these broken corpses.

Mørk plays with his putrid vocals but keeps just within the lines of black metal. No crap clean vocals or anything else here. Sometimes you can hear synths but these only make the songs more atmospheric. Bits of songs reminded me of the Mayhem album ‘Grand Declaration Of War’ but not too much. In ‘Triumphant Divine Terror’ there is an acoustic bit which might scare some of the readers but believe me it fits perfectly there and readies you for the battle that is the next song ‘Armoured Death’, my favourite from the album. You should at least listen to that song, but I recommend the whole effort.

Obviously ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’ is not a game changer, but it is a solid black metal album with an amazing sound. Fans of black metal will like it for sure. I did. And it made me listen to previous stuff of The Sarcophagus and dig deeper into the Turkish black metal scene.

Review by The Hun