Fading Azalea – Maze of Melancholy

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Self-released
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://fadingazalea.bandcamp.com/releases
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/FadingAzalea/

Band Line-up: cover_1493029862309471

Olivia – vocals, synth, lead & rhythm guitars


1. Reverie Funeste 02:02
2. In The Name Of Justice 05:48
3. Heart Of Darkness 04:16
4. Flames Of Death 05:18
5. Surface 06:14
6. Time To Realize 04:09
7. Dying Paradise 06:38
8. Fall Of The Mask 04:55
9. Here I Am Again 05:37
10. I Lost My Way 04:27
11. Burning To Ashes 06:09
12. L’Ombre Derriere L’ame 03:50
13. Where I Belong


Gothenburg based Fading Azalea are a Swedish symphonic metal band. They formed in 2013 and have just independently released their latest album which is titled ‘Maze of Melancholy’.

The album opens with some delicate piano sounds which are enchanting in character. They are then joined by some orchestral string sounds which sound more plastic than atmospheric. When the female vocals are introduced, at first they seem average but when they reach the higher octaves and project a more operatic style it is much more impressive and powerful.

At times the composition seems rather angular which is jarring at first, but it is something that grows on the listener as the album goes on. Third track ‘Heart of Darkness’ with its subdued symphonic elements journeys through a variety of styles, sounding mostly like gothic metal but with touches of black.

At points in the record, there are flutes which add a haunting touch reminiscent of ‘Angels Fall First’ era Nightwish and early Therion. This is enhanced by atmospheric guitars. Things pick up on fifth track ‘Surface’ which is a highly emotive number. The brooding ‘Time To Realise’ opens with some doomy vibes, while later on in the album ‘Here I Am Again’ provides a powerful gothic metal sounding number.

What strikes me as a downside about the album is that it seems to switch angularly between different styles instead of intertwining them more cohesively. The music is characterised by peaks of excellency which sprout like colourful blooms from a plain base.

In summary, this album has some memorable moments and is worth a listen for all fans of dark symphonic metal with an extreme edge.