In Reverence – The Selected Breed

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Non Serviam Records
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Released: 2017
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InReverence_-_TheSelectedBreed_FRONT (1)Band Line-up:

Vocals – Filip Danielsson
Guitar – Pedram Khatibi Shahidi
Drums – Oscar Krumlinde


1. Jahiliah
2. Gods Of Dehumanization
3. Prometheus
4. The Selected Breed
5. The Sixth Bloodletting
6. Anthropogeny
7. Red Waves
8. Gift Of Disintegration
9. Life Rejuvenate


In Reverance is an extreme metal band which was formed in 2010 by vocalist Filip Danielsson and drummer Oscar Krumlinde. They set out to explore the brutality of the extreme metal scene and were joined shortly after by Sebastian Wedholm and Pedram Khatimi Shahidi on guitars and Roni Livonen on bass.

From the first track it is clear that the music has an uneasy feel to it, being very menacing and putting the listener on edge. The band mixes elements of black and death metal with the former more subtle and the latter in the foreground.

On third track ‘Prometheus’ the vocals take on a stronger black influence, while track four ‘The Selected Breed’ mixes a variety of guitar speeds and styles and is very frenetic.

A downside of the album is that there are too many “core” elements. When the music is closer to traditional extreme metal it is better, but I especially like the blacker moments with more atmosphere. The beginning of track five, ‘The Sixth Bloodletting’ is a good example of this opening with clean guitars which give the music that extra dynamic in contrast to everything else.

All the tracks are quite short and to the point, nothing drags on longer than it needs to. While all the tracks are decent, there is nothing that really jumps out at the listener above everything else.