Ensium – Seasons of Desolation

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Aventgarde Records
Distributor/label URL: www.acentgardemusic.com
Released: 2017
rsz_ensiumBand line-up:

Lys – Guitar
Leynir – Bass
Epheliin – Vocals
Dead Soul – Drums


1.Autumn Of Melancholy
2.Road To My Home
4….Of Desolation
5.Snow Storm
6.Balance Of Insanity
7.Nameless Sadness
8.Obscure Depths
9.Dead Star
10.Lake Of TearsReview


It’s nice to get a bundle of class music every month and this album Seasons of Desolation from Italian Atmospheric Folk Black Metal band Ensium is definitely up there as one of the best albums and bands I’ve ever had to review. 

The folk element comes from Ephelin their female vocalist who gives us a wistful melody in much of their back catalogue. Arpitanian Lands from 2015 was heaped with much praise and rightly so and mixed her ethereal singing with black metal perfectly. Whereas her voice took the lead on that album, here with their latest album Seasons of Desolation, the male vocals are pushed to the fore. 

This gives the band a new intensity and makes this album by far their heaviest to date. Ephelin is still there in songs like Seasons.. and Nameless Sadness and Dead Star with the former song quickly branching out into heavy guitars and rolling drums of Of Desolation. 

It seemed to me that the first 4 songs were songs of contrasts with the first track being slow and atmospheric and the following track hitting hard from the get-go, with usual black metal tropes of rolling drums, satanic screeches, and crazy guitars. 

Then they go a throw in a curve ball that is Obscure Depths which seems to be a Progressive Death Metal. It’s a brilliant addition to an already amazing album. Honestly, every track is sublime and I have to say that I fell in love with this band from the first moment I heard them. Upon listening to this album I also devoured their back catalogue. Seasons of Desolation is a worthy continuation of this truly inspiring band. Stand out tracks has to be Of Desolation and Dead Star which starts with what sounds like spoons being played in the back ground…genius. 

Top marks from me and I’m tough to please. 

Review by Nathan Slack