Falls of Rauros – Vigilance Perennial

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Bindrune Recordings / Nordvis Produktion
Released: 2017
rsz_falls_of_raurosBand line-up:

1. White Granite
2. Labyrinth Unfolding Echoes
3. Warm Quiet Centuries of Rains
4. Arrow & Kiln
5. Impermanence Streakt Through Marble


The first chords of the opening track of Falls of Rauros’s latest album, Vigilance Perennial make me reevaluate my expectations from this Black metal band. I expected something rather typical but what I got from the start of White Granite was a very distinct progressive Doom element, slow and rather bleak. This theme continues into the next track, Labyrinth Unfolding Echoes. It’s a blistering opening, my only gripe would be that the vocals sound like they were recorded in an echoy room and lack a punch that I was expecting. 

Progressive Blackened Doom is not a genre that I’ve heard much about but if this album is anything to go by I should make an effort to branch out my tastes. It’s proggy guitars that are evident throughout the album are truly beautiful and I can imagine listening to this album in a dark room on a rainy night, laying in bed with my headphones in. It’s bleak and brooding and the musicianship is outstanding. 

By track 3 we move along into a slow low key instrumental track which seems to fold into track 4, Arrow and Kiln perfectly. Track 4 has a great uplifting riff to it and ethereal chanting subdued into the background. I love Doom, I love post/astmos black metal…I love this!
This album really is over far too soon, being only 5 tracks and leaves me wanting more…MORE!

This is their 4th studio album and the band seems to have evolved into a deeply moving and creative band and incorporates elements that I’ve not heard in  “Black Metal” before. One to Watch I feel. 

Review by Nathan Slack