Spectrum-X/Abaddon Interview + New Music Video!

Interview by Jo Blackened

Spectrum-X are a Gothic Industrial band based in Italy and one I’ve been following for many years now. Founded back in 2004 and after an absence of leave, the couple are now back with a vengeance and are busier than ever working on their other project ‘Abaddon’; a black, thrash metal band which was originally formed in 2006, and it was my pleasure to chat with the couple, to see what they’ve been up to this year and what is in store for their fans!


Hey guys! How has 2017 been for you both so far?

Hello! Thank you for the interview.
2017… Alot of work, and there is still alot more to be done.

You guys have been together for a long time now! How and when did you both first meet & do you feel Spectrum-X works better being a couple?

13 years! (2017) Abaddon is getting up there too even if we haven’t shown you much of our work.

We met in 2004 on a metal forum, we started Spectrum-x right away and released our demo before the end of the year.
Working as a couple is good because you always have someone to give you an opinion on what you are creating. It might not work the same for everyone who would try this though because it will be hard to have the same opinions.


What is the meaning of the name Spectrum-X and Abaddon?

Spectrum-x is like; The ghost without a name.
Abaddon is self-explanatory.

When did you first become interested in music & decide to form a band?

Nullifer: I’ve been playing instruments since I was a small child, about 3 years old. My dad is a metalhead too so it had its advantages. I was in alot of pure death metal bands before I met Candy, there are too many to name. My first band was in 1995.

Candy: Since I was a child about 10 years old. I started with piano and I did guitar at school. My first band was ‘Dilemma’, an unknown band in 92’ and then ‘Nenia’ in 94’ there were also others.

It has split into 2 separate creatures; one electronic, the other metal.


Where do you get your inspiration from when writing new material?

Horror, magic, supernatural, nature… many places.

What is the process of recording new material?

Create song in the mind and try to record it. Then improve upon it over time. The process is alot faster for Spectrum-x than Abaddon.


Do you like to collaborate with other musicians on your tracks?

We’ve done it many times, like it? Not so much because it’s a temporary thing and maybe you want to create more music together but do not have time or live in other countries.

What is your favourite song to date and why?

Nullifer: Abaddon – Dominator

Candy: Spectrum-X – Never Sleep


What do you think has kept Spectrum-X so popular with fans over such a long period?

Hmmm… Our work must be interesting for them. We try to treat our projects like creatures and put Magicka into our music… I think people who hear us can see that.


Would you be interested in signing up to a music label, or do your prefer to release independently?

Uh we are not interested in a record label unless it is big enough to make it worth our time.
The only things we are really missing from our side of what we want is more exposure and serious booking management.

Although if we’re talking about live, Abaddon is the project more suited for that situation. I do not think Spectrum-x requires these extras, it’s a different environment.


How do you promote your new releases? Do you find social networking helps connect to your fans?

We just kinda put it out there, what happens happens. We’ve never been too insistent on promoting one single thing.
Social media helps but it also hurts because of how many bands there are, but it was better a long time ago when word of mouth on the streets was king.
Strangely enough, I met more people in the music who knew us when we were offline.


Do you plan to release anything for this year?

Abaddon has the possibility for another video and album.
Spectrum-x will probably have a single release.

Will you be travelling/touring this year?

This year touring? I wish, probably not though. We’re in the middle of preparations as said earlier. We have a few offers but we have to keep them on hold.


What are your views on the Industrial/Gothic scene where you live? Have you found it to be different from Japan? And have you seen it change since you first started?

Yes, unfortunately, the music scene has changed alot. It’s upsetting more than encouraging though. When we were younger there were CD shops that were the points of interest and where all the metalheads and goths would meet up. Now everyone is online and most of these places are closed.
One positive thing in Japan is that culture still kind of exists, at least last time we were there. However, believe the music that comes out of Europe is way better. By a long shot.


What is the best thing about touring & where has been your favourite place to play?

Favorite place to play was Tokyo, it was a very good club well organized, the crowd was awesome as well!
Favorite part of playing live is… playing live! It’s awesome that people want to come out to see you perform the songs in front of them and giving that to them is exactly what we want.

If you could play anywhere or with anyone, who/where would it be and why?

Nullifer: I want to play Wacken, I think most of the people I would want to share the stage with would be there. (Hopefully)

Candy: Japan again!


If you had to pick 3 favourite albums of all time from your music collection, what would they be & why?

Nullifer: Pantera – Vulgar display of power, Pantera – Far beyond driven, Behemoth – the Satanist.
This doesn’t need much of an explanation hahahaha.

Dimebag was the most inspirational musician for me… back in 2010-11 I grew a measly thin goatee on my chin in tribute to him. The hair grew in naturally the correct color pretty much so I didn’t even need to dye it. Plus Candy’s hair were super reddish pink at the time and my chin rubbed her hair alot of times after washing so it gained a brighter tone by itself haha! I shaved it though because Candy doesn’t like facial hair. That and I really have a small amount of facial hair. Apart from my chin I’ve never had to shave the sides of my face.

And behemoth, I mean come on Adam Darski (Nergal) Deserves so much respect. He overcame leukemia and continued to do what he loves. Plus The Satanist is a freaking work of art!

Candy: Korn – Korn, Marilyn Manson – Portrait of an American family, Dimmu Borgir – Enthroned Darkness Triumphant.

Korn and Marilyn Manson drove me to make music, I got alot of inspiration from Fieldy of Korn on bass technique.
I love the Mysterious and dark atmosphere of old Dimmu Borgir.


What else do you like to do, apart from music in your spare time?

Nullifer: Spending time with animals, walk in nature, and some video games. All with a nice beer.

Candy: Same things without beer! I want tea or coffee…


If you had any advice for someone starting a band, what would it be?

Don’t try to be something for someone else, be who you are for you, or in the end you will not enjoy it and people will see it’s not who you are.
Also don’t try to be “cool”” and ignore people/your fans. They are the reason you will go anywhere if you do. Do it for yourself, and thank those who enjoy it. And try to respect other musicians from a similar genre… they aren’t your fucking enemies they are supposed to be friends.


Thank you for your time! Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

We’re sorry for the long period of absence but we were in a place in our “careers “ where something wasn’t the way we wanted and we needed a break after all the work we did.

We do not like to force our work to happen, but we’re back on track now and the inspiration has returned.

We hope to see you all soon, and please in the meantime watch the video for Abaddon – Dominator and spread it to your friends. \m/


Abaddon “Dominator” now available on Bandcamp iTunes Cdbaby and much more! Spotify coming very soon!