Exhumed + Dust Bolt + Hades Lab + Anoxcide @ The Underworld, Camden, LONDON

Date: 11th June 2017
Review by: Nathan Slack

Nightshift Promotions presents another great lineup to cater to those metal heads that really didn’t want to endure a headline set by Biffy Clayro at Download or those who simply didn’t care that one of the UK’s premier festivals was happening at all.


I was one of those guys. Sadly I think a lot of London’s metal heads did in fact care and where there pogoing to the Bif as tonights event is significantly undersold, even with a reduced ticket price. Shame on you!!

Fair play to the guys from all the support bands though and the headliners Exhumed who didn’t seem to care one wit and carried on without a single complaint. As Exhumed’s singer said several times during their set.

“thanks for coming out tonight guys seems as we have no new album, no new songs, no new video’s to promote, we just thought fuck it, lets do a tour, so here we are…for the fuck of it”

And we thank them for it! Nothing really that the promotors could have done to be honest as June/July/August are funny months to tour our fair isle in, what with summer festival season about to kick off in a big way with Hell Fest just round the corner. So yeah, feel a tad sorry for all the bands involved but they got a lot of respect for leaving the drama aside and got down to some pure f**king metal.

First up, Anoxide. Having recently changed singers and 2 years after their last EP, 2015’s Purge of the Idols of Illusion, Anoxide may forgive me in saying that they have a bit to prove tonight. Purge was a great Tech death album for the UK scene for a genre mainly dominated by Americans. Sounding a bit like Aborted but with less Gore, Anoxide received warm praise upon their last release but seem to have failed to capitalise upon that as of yet. Hopefully with new singer Ben Friston, also in Divine Chaos, on board they can produce an album that can top Purge. Tonight’s openers start with a slight stutter as the vocals seem a little off and disjointed from the rest of the music. This is rectified by song two though and I’m starting to relax into their set, loving their groove and respecting their enthusiasm playing to a near empty underworld. Nothing greatly mind-blowing here but they know what they are about and play with confidence. One to watch. 5/10

Hades Lab next and I have to admit to not knowing much about this proactive band from the growing Brighton metal scene. The bands singer, Hauron Kherty is a hands on kinda guy and in an effort to sell more tickets offered up a discounted price for those buying through the band. Can’t fault their forethought but sadly Download ruled the weekend. Props for trying though and Hades Lab give it their all and churn out some cool old school death metal, covering Gorgasm and Sepultura the band just look happy to be here doing what they love best. Again nothing spectacular but nice to watch none the less. 6/10

The next band is Dust Bolt a young Thrash metal band from Germany. Now I have to admit to not being a great thrash fan and wouldn’t really listen to it in the comfort of my home or even on the move but I have to say that Thrash ain’t half fun live. Several Thrash fans came out tonight just to see them and I can see why. First mini mosh of the night kicks off and both the crowd and band seem to be having a great old time. Again, I don’t like Thrash but I liked this! 7/10

Exhumed finally take to the stage and the band are as tight as I expected and loud as all hell. Even with a small crowd they give it their all and for those that were there,  they didn’t shy away from going bat shit crazy. With nonexistent security, Gore crazies invaded the stage and seemed to have a running contest to see how many times they can leap off the stage into a virtually nonexistent crowd. Me, I left that to the younguns but took home more than a fair few bruises. It was a great night for death metal let down slightly by low attendance. Those there though had some crazy fun. 8/10

Exhumed set list:-
  1. All Guts, No Glory
  2. As Hammer to Anvil
  3. Decrepit Crescendo
  4. Necromaniac
  5. Limb from Limb
  6. Coins Upon the Eyes
  7. Dysmorphic
  8. Sickened
  9. Casketkrusher
  10. Torso
  11. Waxwork
  12. Open the Abscess / Witching Hour