LGBT Punk Rock Musical SPIDARLINGS to be unleashed by TROMA Entertainment

LGBT Punk Rock Musical SPIDARLINGS will Premiere on TROMA Now on the first of July! A labour of love and madness Spidarlings was 5 years in the making and will finally be unleashed by TROMA Entertainment!


Starring among others

Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger)
Rusty Goffe (Star Wars, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter)
Lynn Ruth Miller (Britain’s Got Talent, Channel 4’s First Dates)
June Brown (Eastenders)
Toshio Maeda (creator of Urotsukidōji, La Blue Girl)
Sophia Disgrace (Grindsploitation: The Movie)
Soozi Chameleone (London Calling, Killing Man Jaroh)


Troma Entertainment, the longest running truly independent film company in American history, is proud to announce the acquisition of Salem Kapsaski’s punk rock musicalSpidarlings, World Premiere on Troma Now July 1st, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.

While creating Spidarlings, Director Salem Kapsaski drew inspiration from his own real life experiences with financial struggles, a ruthless landlord, and relentless threats to his family from an unstable individual. These real life experiences mixed with influences from John Waters, I Love Lucy, Lloyd Kaufman, Peanuts cartoons and an amazing musical score by Jeff Kristian are what makes Spidarlings a totally original, remarkable independent film.


Poverty stricken lovers Eden and Matilda have enough trouble just getting through the days. Matilda’s sleazy job in men-only nightclub Juicy Girls is causing problems with her lesbian lover Eden. But they have no choice – they are two years behind with the rent and their Landlord is threatening eviction.


Matilda hates her job, especially the suffocating attention from one particularly obsessed, unhinged customer. But all attempts at borrowing money and claiming benefits have failed. They are desperate for a solution, especially when a brutal serial killer begins hideously murdering the working girls at the club.


Their Landlord is trying to terrorize them and strange things seem to be going on at “Juicy Girls”; the place where Matilda works.

A horrific opportunity gives Matilda stolen cash, but the only way to pacify Eden is to let her buy a powerful tarantula spider named Rainer, which changes their lives forever and the real troubles start!

About the Filmmakers



Salem Kapsaski is a Manchester based writer, director of London Calling (2015), My Head Hurts (2000) and the Troma Released Spidarlings (2017), producer as well as Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Après Vague Productions. Mr. Kapsaski studied Film at the New York Film School and Sound Engineering at the City of Westminster College.His debut novella “Nazi Sniper” was published in 2015 by Sleazy Viking Press. Salem is currently working on the erotic film anthology “Films Confiscated from a French Brothel”(2017).


Rahel is an actress, producer, model and painter with a strong background in acting and modelling for over ten years and extended studies in acting, Puppeteering, dance and physical theatre (API Acting Studio, The Drama School of Theatre of Change, Sofia Dance Academy – Athens). She has played on several stages in London, Athens and twice at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Played leads in numerous shorts and feature films such as Greek Cult Horror film Soul Looting, Alice and The Last Lottery and in Films Confiscated From a French Brothel. Also appeared in My Jewish Auntie which was aired on British T.V and in now will star in the upcoming animation/horror DeadMan.


Gabriella is the Executive Producer and Production Designer of Spidarlings. She is a theatre producer, writer, director-translator, playwright and co-founder of Après Vague. In 2000, she founded and produced the theatre festival “Ancient Theatre Alive “and is the co-founder and initiator of the Greek Fringe Festival, Athens and the Producer for the Anti theatro, and Talos Ensemble (Santa Barbara, USA).
For over ten years she was one of the senior writers for the monthly online magazine Scene 4. She was the co-producer and co-writer of several radio shows at ET1 in Greece and has worked with numerous Greek film directors like Dinos Katsouridis and Kostas Mazanis. She made her directorial film debut with ‘Artemis of the Wildland’. She is also the co-producer of the TV series London Calling and associate producer of the TV series Xandermonium and has worked as set designer for a number of films.


SophiaHeadShot (1)
Sophia is an accomplished model, actress, published writer, exhibited artist, trained body piercer, and performer. Multi-talented and ever the creative she has been working in the industry since she’s 18, having starred in numerous films including Kung Fu and Titties, Three’s a Shroud, The Shadow of Death and the T.V series Emily Booth’s GoreZone Magazine Movie Massacre. She has performed across the UK and in Europe at a variety of venues.
Her performance skills include; fire skills (eating, fakir, and fire hoop), glass walking, stilt walking, sword swallowing, eating razor blades, living statuing, gogo/pole/cage dancing/burlesque/art performances and angle grinding.


Jeff Kristian is an English actor, writer, singer, recording artist and television presenter. He is probably best remembered for his television presenting role as Big Brother’s Singing Drag Queen on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.

From the press

“Plenty of punk strangeness, tarantulas and an air of experimental camp”
-Big Gay Picture Show

“One of the most celebrated Troma titles for the last years.”
-DKillerPanda World

“The Punk Film that will punch a hole in your screen”
-SQ Media

“I don’t think were in Kansas anymore toto”
-Tom Holland’s Terror Time

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Salem Kapsaski’s Punk Rock Musical ‘Spidarlings’
World Premiere on Troma Now – July 1st


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