Opus Diaboli – Black Light Of Destruction

Rating: 3/5
Released: 2017
Label/Distributor: Satanath Records
Label/Distributor URL: http://www.satanath.com/
Buy Album: http://www.satanath.com/shop.html
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Opus-Diaboli-206464656071514/?ref=br_rs


Band Line Up

Nidhogg – Bass1opus
Lord Mork – Drums
Allfodr – Guitars
Lord Wolf Alexander – Guitars/Vocals

Album Track Listing
  1. Ilmariner
  2. Glory In Steel
  3. Luciferian Black Light
  4. Red Battlefield
  5. In Flames
  6. Better To Be A Mortal Than Crucified Whore
  7. Rivers Of Blood
  8. Hymn Of Ragnarok

Opus Diaboli are an odd proposition, a band from South America (Uruguay to be exact) who seem completely at odds with their heritage. In fact, they are seemingly completely obsessed with Scandinavian history and custom. Their take on Black Metal is distinctly kvlt and a little trite. Their debut album offers a little promise for the future.

Proceedings are opened with “Ilmariner”, warped and ice laden; certainly not what you what you would expect from a band from souther climes. It is a textured and layered beginning. Next up is “Glory In Steel”, a snarling beast that glowers and roars and outstays its welcome by a good two minutes. “Luciferian Black Light” moves things along; a slightly predictable torrent of blackened venom. Nevertheless, the riffing is always on point and impressive. The cult like chanting, akin to ushering a black mass, adds a different dimension as well.

“Red Battlefield” comes on like “Triarchy…” era Rotting Christ, replete with a captivating sense of melody, as Lord Wolf Alexander howls himself hoarse. “In Flames” is also a fine ditty, blessed of blistering intensity, and leaves the listener in a daze, searching for their missing teeth! Suffice to say it bears no resemblance to the band of the same name. The eerie feel of “Better To Be A Mortal Than A Crucified Whore” bleeds into thrashy warfare. It bobs and weaves like a drunken boxer; a chaotic assault which is again slightly over long.”Rivers Of Blood” is sheer sonic terrorism, a wall of noise – like Black Metal being molested by Grindcore. If you can imagine such a thing.

The album closes with “Hymn Of Ragnarok”; an epic call to arms with a distinctly viking-esque intro motif straight from the Bathory playbook, I would go as far to say it plunders Quorthon’s grave. Credit where it is due, for at least trying something different.

Opus Diaboli have a sound that it kvltish and grim, but a little bit too safe and unadventurous. To my jaded ears it lacks individual identity and occasionally sounds offkey. The vocals are akin to a tortured Vard Vikernes or a pre-pubescent Wookiee. Sometimes a chore, but worth a listen.

Review By Owen Thompson