Rapheumets Well – Enders Door

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Test Your Metal Records
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://testyourmetalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rapheumets-well-enders-door
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Rapheumetswell/

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Band Line-up:

Jeb Laird – Bass & Lead Vocals
Annette Greene – Female Vocals and Keys
Hunter Ross – Guitar
Brett Lee – Guitar
Joshua Nassaru Ward – Drums & Clean Vocals
Guest Guitarist – Brian Kingsland  (Enthean and Nile)
Guest Bassist – Jonathan Finney


1. The Traveler (4:39)
2. Distress From The Aberrant Planet (3:57)
3. The Autogenous Extinction (4:45)
4. Secrets of The Demigods (4:40)
5. Lechery Brought The Darkness (6:39)
6. Enders Door (6:35)
7. Prisoner of The Rift (2:58)
8. The Diminished Strategist (5:36)
9. Nastarian Waltz (1:13)
10. Ghost Walkers Exodus (5:41)
11. Killing The Colossus (5:58)
12. Eishar’s Lament (1:18)
13. Unveiling The Sapient (7:21)


Sci-fi and fantasy steeped metallers, Rapheumets Well hail from North Carolina and have just released their latest studio offering which is entitled “Ender’s Door.”

The band’s themes may straddle the realms of sci-fi fantasy, but their music is also where the worlds of black, death and symphonic metal collide to create some multi-dimensional soundscapes that are as epic as they are brutal.

The album opens with some electronic sounds before breaking out into some intense riffing which is complimented by some wailing guitar sounds. Deep harsh vocals are also combined with operatic female vocals, as well as some clean male vocals which are more unusual for extreme metal but work very well.

Throughout the work, the different elements compete and combine to create interesting and dynamic compositions and a unique musical journey through varying types of extreme metal sounds. It combines the bleakness of black with the brutality and technicality of death and is draped with lush melodic soundscapes and orchestrations.