Katakomb – Chained To A Wolf

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Distributor/Label URL: https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/
Released: 2017
Buy Album URL: https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/album/katakomb-chained-to-a-wolf

Band Lineup:katakomb - chained cover


    1. Chained To A Wolf
    2. μάρνᾰμαι



Katakomb are fresh on the scene and as a one man outfit has produced a two track introductory demo. Hailing from Sweden, this solo effort has delved into the primal depths of 90’s Scandinavian black metal with some of the harshest low-fi recording techniques implemented for massive
traumatic effect. The density of layers used builds an interesting overall sound that is at times mind-boggling yet strangely gravitating.
The overall feel is of total tumultuous despair and the impetus is on carving out a cataclysmic landscape with cutting riffs, droning rhythms, deep
cavernous vocals and unsettling samples.

The title track opens with a rapid fusion of droning riffs and a thunderous crashing of drums, which seem to take a back-step through the mix as the song’s layers coalesce into an ever twisting and spreading malignant flood until the halfway mark where we find a brief respite with more searching notes. It buildsand erupts only to temper then explode again. The many switches in tempo and intensity throw you from one extreme into the next at a lightning pace with deadly ferocity. A full on fiery labyrinth with many hidden pitfalls which grab your senses and violently jerks them about, leaving you a shriveled up corpse of a listener.

katakomb - band

The second track ‘μάρνᾰμαι’ doesn’t ease your corpse into the ground, the swarm of flies sampled throughout is clear evidence that you are not allowedto rest in your eternal slumber; you just decay on openground. The pace again shifts in a maelstrom of those droning rhythms and sections of fast picked notes without too much repetition. There are more spacialpassages which get obliterated by the ulminating forces with no space remaining free for long from thiscauldron of devastation. It oddly shifts for the last sixminutes or so to a cleanly sung passage that bounceswith violins amid the sounds of the swarm. A morbidand somber transition which does go on just a bit too long which brings the demo to an end.

‘Chained To A Wolf’ is an abyssal piece of work which baffles at times and entices at others.
The two-track demo comes in cassette form and is limited to 300 copies so may be a piece worthy ofadding to the catalogue if you possess such platforms in which to play the tape. If not, digital download is available through Iron Bonehead Production’s Bandcamp page. It is something of aperplexity but has many attractive qualities for those that can’t sit still and like the same inherit features in their music.