Ajattara – Lupaus

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Svart Records
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://ajattara-finland.bandcamp.com/album/lupaus
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/ajattara/ 

Band Line-up:

Tohtori Kuolio
Malakias VI


01 Saatanan sinetti
02 Ristinkirot
03 Suru
05 Amen
06 Ave Satana
07 Uhrilahja
08 Lupaus
09 Machete


Ajattara is a Finnish black metal band who formed in 1996, disbanded in 2012 before reforming in 2016 to record their comeback album ‘Lupaus’, which has just been released.

The album kicks off with what sounds like pretty standard black metal, and throughout pounding drum kicks provide a thunderous foundation for the cacophonous vocals and hurricane-like guitars. Third track ‘Suru’ stands out with its moody sound that bursts with angst and is complimented by uneasy horror-filmesque synth sounds and descending chords that creep up on you. Track four ‘Sina’ starts off slowly before the tempo gradually builds tension and it erupts into a storm of dark chaos. Fifth track ‘Amen’ has got to be the heaviest track on the release with its thrashy and aggressive sound. After this, there isn’t much that stands out about the album with not much variation in terms of structure, instrumentation and composition to what has already been heard, and with all of the tracks being very short, it’s quite disappointing for a band that has been on the scene for so long.

The band has been on a break which came after what many fans considered a slump in the quality of their output, maybe they still need to oil their cogs a little as I can see a lot of potential there. Or maybe, as with many bands making a comeback, doing so was simply a mistake.