Anvil Strykez – Anvil Strykez

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Distributor/Label: Wolf Force Corporation
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Released: 2017
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Band Website: strykez - cover

Band line-up:

Lee – Synthesizers, electric guitar, bass guitar & vocals


1. Neon Streets
2. Exterminators
3. Cobra
4. Metropolis
5. High Speed Cyborgs
6. Night Blades
7. Voyager And The Birth Of Time


Hailing from Finland, this one-man band is a throwback to the great synth music from the ’80s; kind of new wave, kind of industrial, but catchy as hell and fun. I was looking at the cover and wondering if it was going to be a thrash metal album with the lettering and the cartoon futuristic cover, but soon found out it wasn’t that at all.

At first listen, I thought that this was going to be an all instrumental album, but then lyrics popped up here and there and added to the mostly peppy synth-pop on the album. The songs were a throwback to when I was younger and was searching for this kind of music everywhere, glad to hear that some people are still into it after all these years. The album kind of had a soundtrack feel to it like you were listening to it while a movie from 1983 was playing and you just got drawn into it. The songs are well done and sound both familiar and fresh at the same time and really require more than one listen to fully appreciate everything going on in the songs. So many layers and sounds that you hear when you hit that replay and let the music take control. I really liked that in some of the songs, they added a guitar that was a bit heavy and really suited the music and added another aspect to the sound.

I was really surprised that the album grabbed me as fast as it did and made me want to find out if there was more info about the band. I suggest that you go and take a good listen to this and maybe make up a movie in your head to go along with the cool sounds on this release.

Review by: Rick Ecker