Hideous Divinity + Body Harvest + Cranial Contamination @ The Garage Attic, Glasgow

Date: 1st July 2017
Review By: Pete Mutant

Hideous Divinity are no strangers to playing Glasgow. With the ‘Adveniens UK tour’ in full swing, having played
in Bristol then Nottingham respectively, the band have been in full on crush mode bringing a hefty swatch of their
highly acclaimed third album from which the name of this tour derives. The Italian brutal tech death supremo’s
were accompanied by an English contingent, mixing some blunt force trauma in brutal death dealers in Cranial
Contamination, with the sharp edged and clinical butchery of Bristol’s own Body Harvest.

The venue of choice today was the Attic at the Garage, a venue that would be a new experience for myself having
never set foot in this section of Glasgow’s renowned stalwart of a club. Upon entering it felt like I was going up the
stair of a close in some dodgy east end scheme but once the stairs were traversed, the venue opened to a room no
bigger than a one bedroom flat, it was very aptly named. The crowd (if you could call it as such) had fewer than ten
punters in it by time that the music had begun and Cranial Contamination got started.

Cranial Contamination [3.0/5] decided to play drum tracks rather than including their drummer John Hurst. The
trio that were present consisted of bassist Joe Hurst, guitarist Ellwood Newburn and vocalist Will Willcox and,
even though they lacked the true sonic capabilities of a live drummer, they didn’t let it hold them back. The band
members worked in near perfect unison with the drum tracks as they played through their ‘Engineered Human
Obsolescence’ EP, track to track. The BREE’s were flying about from vocalist Will, as some brutal slams were laid
down. Some of the riffs droned then switched in tempo to break sharply creating a whirlwind of brutal music.

Big highlight of the set was the song, the last track off the EP, the seismic ‘Caged In Mentality’ where the riffs were
just piled on were thunderous with the culminating bass, vocals and…well…drum track. Still a solid effort and
there was more as Cranial Contamination played us a couple of new tracks in ‘Colonized From The Inside’ and
‘Nesting With The Dead’ off of a soon to be released EP that they have in the pipeline. The former brought some
more slams, BREE’s and a whole host of heavy chops, whilst the latter had a cranial-collapsing break, with such
an almighty riff leading the way which brought their set to a close. It was a good performance but a few elements
were missing, mainly the crowd and the drummer but there were some short flashes of excellence from the band, if
not just a bit uninspiring overall.

Body Harvest [4.0/5] were another beast entirely. They brought the drummer, the snazzy guitars and a whole
host of exhilarating rhythms, solos and potent music; in its purist form. The band were a well-honed outfit that
had some new tunes to play for the lackluster crowd; still several bodies way below a level worth justification. The
bands carried on nonetheless and Body Harvest could go and set up and distribute a truly excellent performance
of some excellent death metal. The riffs were explosive and the rhythms were vicious. The overall sound was none
but malicious. The only issue was trying to distinguish some of the guitar parts as the sound quality couldn’t keep
up with the band’s performance and the lead work did not come out as pronounced as it should have. Vocal duties
were shared between the two guitarists Gareth Nash and Jake ‘Mettle’ Ettle-Iles and it was Jake who was stealing
the show with that beautiful red Jackson of his.

The opening three tracks of the set were newbies, and all were fine displays of sweet and glorious death metal.
The second track of their set ‘Hierarchy Of Grief’ nearly brought a tear to the eye with its coarse and densely
packed waves of unholy dissonance. They went back to their first release with ‘Into The Pandemonium’ which was
another example of some aptly named characteristics. Drummer Will Pearson was able to create his cacophony of
percussion whilst headbanging all the same as the band pummeled through the set. We were even treated to a
cover as they gave us a crushing rendition of Death’s ‘Suicide Machine’ off ‘Human’, which was a nice touch to
their blinding set. They finished off with some more new tracks in ‘Consumed By Tyrants’ and the final track
‘Apocalyptic Abomination’ which ended the set with an incredible fury, wholly representative of the consistent
quality that the band have displayed throughout their set. They have gained a new fan boy in myself so a t-shirt
was bought to thank them for their efforts.

Set list:

Global Decimation
Hierarchy of Grief
The Prophet
Into the Pandemonium
Mind Rape
Suicide Machine
Consumed by Tyrants
Apocalyptic Abomination

Hideous Divinity [4.5/5] took to the stage garbed all in black. They stood there as a group of menacing figures,
posturing for the inevitable destruction that they were about to wrought upon the minuscule pack of die-hard
headbangers. We didn’t stand a chance against such a powerful force. They opened up with their latest album’s
introductory track ‘Ages Die’ and the circus of brutality continued. Tonight was a night for ‘Adveniens’ and we
were going to get a lethal dose of the album’s content.

The music had a gargantuan sound which was aided by some better mixing through the PA. The band were
ridiculously proficient and seemed to have no difficulty in switching the tempo, drilling the riffs, breaking down
the rhythm only to explode back with an exhilarating thunder of sheer sonic aggression. The individual flair that
each member displayed was all the more impressive when seeing and hearing how it all combined into the greater
structure. From the sweeping scales of the lead to the frantic tapping of the bass, Hideous Divinity laid down their
savage law track by track. Enrico’s colossal vocals were another invaluable element to the mix as was Giulio’s
emphatic drumming.

The album’s tracks that they played were not in their specific listing order but it made for an interesting spectacle.
The third track ‘Salt In The Martyr’s Tear’ was the only track to deviate from ‘Adveniens’, but there could have
been no complaints from the meager crowd as we were being given a thrilling demonstration of some
devastatingly clinical death metal. Tracks such as ‘Passages’ slayed with some beautiful lead work whilst ‘Angel Of
Revolution’ brought more variance without lessening the overall impact of the set. The penultimate track
‘Messianica’ kept up the ruthless pace before the set came to a genocide inspiring climax with the prophetic Future
In Red’ which was a class demonstration of modern death metal.

It was a worthy way to bow out. The Italian quintet had all the talent, creativity and uniformity to put on an
overwhelmingly stimulating show, again the lack of a crowd was a dampener on the evening. Those who chose to
show up however, were rewarded for the faith that they hold in the genre and in the talent that these bands have.
Faith became belief as we were bludgeoned left right and center from some really sadistic dudes that have an
arsenal of tools and the skills required to get the most emphatic results. Hideous Divinity will be back in Glasgow
on the 5th of September with Cattle Decapitated and Broken Hope which is one not to be missed. Sadly, I will be
missing this as I won’t be in the country, but at least I got a taste tonight.

Set list:

Ages Die
Sub Specie Aeternitatis
Salt in the Martyr’s tears
When Flesh Unfolds
Angel of Revolution
Feeding Off the Blind
Future in Red