C O V E N Diamond Underdogs, 16 June, 2017 – London, UK

June 2017
Review by Sabrina Selkis

Our readers might be familiar already with C O V E N as we have covered them in the past. It is with great enthusiasm that I again make my way to the occult event in London.

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C O V E N  is back and has moved from the Resistance Gallery to The Underdog Gallery in London Bridge, and tonight is their first time taking possession of their new witchery grounds.

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Created by Fox Glove and Venon, C O V E N nights have been from day one an addiction. I have been a massive supporter since day one and tonight I am taking photos of the event officially! ooooo the little things!

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Tonight is even more so special as the “GORE, WITCHCRAFT AND ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” event has its claws on quite a list of performance artists, with 10% of ticket sales going to  the Russian LGBT Network, to help fight the real horror of LGBT death camps in Chechnya.

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The doors open at 8.30pm and already some people are waiting. Chairs, tables,candles, lots of us freaks set the whole mood and we can t wait for the shows to start.

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Our host Fox Glove opens the ceremony, he walks in covered by a red velvet sheet, then uncovers himself and moves around like a possessed entity. Definitely setting up the mood.

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About the new venue, it is quite a match made in heaven, as the Underdog Gallery has been since 2011  an exciting, versatile gallery space in London Bridge, home to art, live music, cinema and events. Still I miss the intimacy of Resistance Gallery, but the more the merrier right!

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Follows the dark and obscure words of Nicoletta Wylde, always mesmerising.

The list of performers are again very well selected, including:

Ruby Wednesday
Venus Raven
Lewis G Burton
Master Dominic
Voi Vang
Nicoletta Wylde
Lizzie Masterton & Natalie Wearden
The Naked Grace Missionaries.
DJ Darkstar

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One by one, the performers present us with weird and sometimes extreme acts, from domination, to inserting needles on your face, this is not for the weak.

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We are also witnessing a bot more music with this edition, from the pop sound of Voi Vang,

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to the oddness of Lewis G Burton,

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and also one of the recurrent band of C O V E N “The Naked Grace Missionaries”. Sadly due to the event running late I had to rush out and miss their performance, I only have their sound check photo…

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Venus Raven brings us some intense performance, but she had to take matter into her own hands , going up the ladder herself with chains around her neck to sort out her music theme issue with the house sound engineer.


Our host Venom makes the gallery even darker with the creepy sound of his violin,

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But all brightens up and move to a very fast and energetic pace with the beautiful Ruby Wednesday, dripping hot wax on his chest and with dance moves to make most of us envious!

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Finally Master Dominic…well do I really need to explain his act…please don t make me!

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To conclude, I would like to say that Coven is one of those dark scarce jewels that you want to hide and protect but at the same time share with other dark souls.C O V E N is a one of a kind event not to be missed.

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DJ Darkstar finishes the night spinning eerie tunes. Till next time witches…

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For the next event check : www.facebook.com/COVENwitchcraft