Antiversum – Cosmos Comedenti

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Invictus Productions 
Released: 29th September, 2017
Buy Album [URL]: Invictus Productions
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01. Antinova
02. Creatio e Chao orta est
03. Cosmos Comedenti
04. Nihil ad Probandum


Cosmos Comedenti is the debut album by blackened death/doom metal outfit Antiversum from Switzerland. Blackened death/doom is the best label I can give to an album such as this, as it is pretty much the unholy fusion of all three of these sub-genres. People say that black metal as a genre has gotten stale and new bands that come out nowadays are quite stagnant and don’t offer much in terms of originality and creativity. Bands like Antiversum prove to everybody that there is still diversity and discovery within the genre. Experimentation is highly recommended, for if it were frowned upon, we wouldn’t have such amazing acts today that have pioneered the genres.

As I mentioned before, Antiversum offers a grimy, sludgy amalgamation of black, death and doom metal. This happens to be three of my favourite metal sub-genres, so it’s my lucky day. When I first listened to Cosmos Comedenti, I’m instantly reminded of similar acts, mainly the bands ‘Dragged Into Sunlight’ and ‘Abyssal’. Both bands are in a similar vein to Antiversum, and they’re both bands I highly recommend and enjoy. Compared to those two bands, Antiversum offers a more dirty and dingy experience. Elements of harsh noise are heard in Cosmos Comedenti, some parts of this album will dig into your ears like a giant drill boring to the center of the earth. Antiversum has somehow captured the essence of the heat death of the universe with a 40 minute time frame. The atmosphere of Cosmo Comedenti is one of cataclysm and gives the listener visions of the earth’s last dying breath. By the very first minutes of the album, I felt like I was falling down a deep, dark chasm. By the end of it all, I was in an abyss, drowning in the lost hopes and dreams of the now dead universe. Quite dramatic, right?

Cosmos Comedenti is a brutal, unforgiving experience. The pace of the music is so inconsistent, with the changes in speed and tempo creating an atmosphere of unease. The drums on Cosmos Comedenti switch from being rapid-fire to very tribal-esque, a common theme I also found in Abyssal albums. The vocals are very guttural, coming from deep within the dark recesses of the human soul. Down-tuned guitars paint a picture of bleakness that’ll make the most chipper person want to destroy their lives for Satan. This music is disease-ridden, I feel like I need to have a thousand burning hot showers to get this album out of my skin. I implore you to check out the last track ‘Nihil ad Probandum’, as it is my favourite track from this flesh-eating mess.  To me, it’s the height of Antiversum’s experimentation and it is a marvel to behold.

If you’re a fan of experimental, sludge, black, doom or death, you’ll probably find much to engross yourself in with Cosmos Comedenti. I feel like with this debut, Antiversum may make waves in the scene. Just prepare yourself for the black, dreadful tsunami coming your way. I hope you know how to swim.

Review by Patrick Gordon