Lava Invocator ‎– Mörk

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Satanath Records
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Released: 2017
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1. Awaken
2. Empyrium Et Nihil
3. Gestapofallos
4. Black Dawn
5. Dark Thunder Sky
6. Totenkampf
7. Mörk


There’s absolutely no messing about with this Ukrainian duo.  Details are scarce – all I can say for any certainty is that Mörk is the debut album.  There’s a FB page, but you have to add them as a friend.  There are other review sites, of course.  There’re a couple of websites written in either Ukranian or Russian, I think, but speaking neither I can’t say any more.  That’s it.

The intro of Awaken is an electronic Coil-esque synth, but then blasts into some pretty brutal black metal.  Sometimes bands span genres, or there’s a little confusion about whether or not they would qualify as ‘black’, ‘death’ whatever; here there is absolutely no doubt, whatsoever.  This isn’t to say that the whole album is just a violent wall of sound, though.’Empyrium Et Nihil’ morphs into an almost lilting 6/8 at one point.  ‘Black Dawn’ is a complete change of tact again.  This is a diverse album that’s intelligently put together.  Title track ‘Mörk’ is definitely my favourite, with a deliciously creepy choral background.

Definitely a band to watch and any black metal fans will be suitably impressed with this, especially as a debut.  From a personal perspective, whilst this is entertainingly heavy, there are moments where I think it’s a little bit at the expense of any melodic qualities.  This is nit-picking, to be honest.  Give it a listen, you’ll like it.