Lock Howl – Pareidolia

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Distributor/label URL: https://lockhowl.bandcamp.com/
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://lockhowl.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/LockHowlBand/

Band line-up:

James McBain (Everything)


1. The Seventh Room 04:14
2. Echoes from the Chemical Void 03:00
3. Nephilim 03:39
4. Into the Darkness. Into the Unknown. 05:52
5. Graveless 03:12
6. Lost in the Static 04:05
7. …And She was Found by the Lake 04:14
8. Her 04:49


Lock Howl is a one-man gothic/post-punk band based in Aberdeen, Scotland from James McBain (Hellripper, Lord Rot) and takes influence from a wide range of artists such as Editors, Opeth, Beastmilk, Type O Negative, In Solitude and Joy Division.

Self-described as “reverb-drenched gothic post-punk”, Lock Howl released an EP in 2015 followed by a few live shows that received positive feedback. Throughout 2016, work was done on the debut album ‘Pareidolia’ which was released in February 2017.

So here I go with another self-released, one man band that tries to do something a bit different, but ultimately fails. This is derivative of the Sisters Of Mercy with the sound and vocals, but nowhere near as good. The cookie monster vocals dropped into some of the songs just sounds wrong and doesn’t add anything at all to the sound, it actually takes away from it. There are some good sounds on here and it shows that he does have talent, but again, where was the person to temper the good with the bad? The flat and muddy production does nothing to help this out, it kind of reminds me of a bad cassette dub from the 80s.

With the good parts highlighted and some more care, this would have been really cool and I would have dug it, but instead, I will bury this in my collection.

Review by: Rick Ecker