Rebel Beat – Steel Dust

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Pavement Entertainment
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Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Fiddler – Vocals, MCing, lyrics
Stan – Guitar, vocals
Serge – Guitar
s’Paver – Bass
Vaddy – Drums, percussion


1. Im The Law
2. Swinging Around
3. One Man
4. Red Rock
5. Steel Dust
6. Melody
7. Away
8. Ferguson
9. Rain check
10. Braindown
11. Dead President (Live in Moscow 2014)
12. Rebel Beat (Live in Moscow 2014)


Rebel Beat are a nu metal band formed in 2013, by Stan (guitars and vocals) and Fiddler (vocals, MCing and lyrics). They released their debut EP ‘Nice to be Changed’, in 2014. Following that, they started to perform at various venues and stages. By 2015, they released around 5 more singles and two videos. Their latest 2017 work, ‘Steel Dust’ was produced by Jack Russell and he’s done a polished job, that is modern sounding. Stylistically, RB have been influenced by System of a Down, Deftones, Rage against the Machine, Andrey Gubin and RHCP.

RB’s super-distorted guitars definitely bring to mind SOAD, but they aren’t as crazy as them. Alternatively, the music’s sometimes a little more on the dreamy side, like Deftones. Strange and heavy vibrato effects on the guitar parts add to the creepy surreal vibes, but they are arguably too similar to Korn’s signature and unmistakeable ideas. RB seem to copying devices, rather than making them their own, here. The rapped vocals on the other hand, are delivered in a way that is obviously different to those found in RATM. They aren’t performed with the same passion and charisma as the supergroup, but they certainly work to add to the often rhythmical and heavy nature of the music on the whole.

Electronica ideas in the style of Linkin Park are also occasionally merged into the mix, perhaps creating a sense of confusion in the listener. He or she may be left wondering what RB’s goal is. Are they utilising various concepts to achieve a certain vision, or are they simply throwing ideas together without much thought? It can seem like the latter. The light and clean guitar work sometimes employed, is at the other end of the spectrum of the group’s influences. These RHCP style ideas add moments of serenity, which contribute a more traditional and perhaps more effective contrast to the general, classic chunkiness.

In conclusion, ’Steel Dust’ is a perfectly reasonable release, even though it is often run of the mill. It doesn’t contain the tortured vocals of fellow nu-metallers Korn, nor the excitement of Slipknot. It does groove however, like RATM, even though its guitar riffs can’t compare. On a more positive note, there are no musical crimes to be found on the whole record, as all musicians know their instruments well enough. Pyrotechnics are minimal, but that’s not important for who these guys are. Because of their sense of taste, SD is definitely worth a listen if you have the opportunity to do so. However, if you’re new to the genre, you’ll be missing out on what it’s like at its best. At least for now.

Review by Simon the Mighty