The Shiver – Adeline

Rating: 3.5/5
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Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Federica Faith Sciamanna – vocals
Francesco Finch Russo – drums
Matteo Menichelli – guitars
Mauro Morris Toti – bass


1. Awaiting
2. Adeline
3. Rejected
4. Wounds
5. How Deep Is Your Heart, How Dirt Is Your Soul0
6. Light Minutes
7. High
8. Pray
9. Miron-Aku
10. Electronoose


Saying Faith’s voice and her band’s music give you the shivers may be a tacky pun but it’s probably not a big stretch. Strong, steady and very feminine, it’s the kind of voice that will touch you one way or the other, whether singing the sharp choruses of “Awaiting” or the seductive verses of “How Deep Is Your Heart, How Dirty Is Your Soul”.

The songs in “Adeline” – and pretty much in all The Shiver’s discography – are of a modern rock nature with dark nuances that make them sound more fetching than somber. The band also mentions “spikes of electro/ambient”, but it’s not a constant, so I’d rather not include it in the general description; besides, saying that “High” features some thrilling synths or that “Electronoose” lives up to its title, it gives you a better sense of how diverse their songwriting can be. Vibrant and spirited are two words that come to mind when trying to summarize “Adeline”.

Review by Renata Lino